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  • Avatar for sweetandtender5
    more crackers please!
  • Avatar for ChateauDeChat
    call me! call me after dark!
  • Avatar for ChateauDeChat
    call me! call me after dark!
  • Avatar for Batik-
  • Avatar for roswell78
    what's yr take on....cassavettes
  • Avatar for NayaFm
    I'm so excited, I just can`t hide it :3
  • Avatar for leneheart
  • Avatar for the_reason_why
  • Avatar for ZombiePanda3
    Who took the bomp?
  • Avatar for ChateauDeChat
    love them <3
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    самая крутая група из всего райот-гёрл движения
  • Avatar for Melisery
    I'm so glad that I started listening to this band.
  • Avatar for thekillingspree
    People wanting more Kathleen Hanna should check The Julie Ruin. People wanting more JD should check MEN. People wanting more Le Tigre should just embrace the disappointment and frustration.
  • Avatar for Cylob
    Love this band.
  • Avatar for rvg1990
  • Avatar for BearsandLions
    oh great another fag for women's rights
  • Avatar for letsbolt
  • Avatar for fabioestefano
    I'm So Excited, remember movie, COLORS IN THE DARK ♥
  • Avatar for TiffaniTiger
    Le Tigre: There's a page for the feminist bands"The Chicago Liberation Rock Band & Le Tigre" but there's not tracks or albums on that page. Can someone please add tracks for that page? If so then thanks, that would be amazing!
  • Avatar for TiffaniTiger
    This is my favorite riot grrrl band. Love it! Fun and catchy stuff!
  • Avatar for mymachine
    Literally only just listened to "Feminist Sweepstakes", such a good album, yet it didn't grab me as much as 'Le Tigre' or 'This Island', I wish they would make a comeback
  • Avatar for laryoverkill
    love the sound .. fuckin nice
  • Avatar for uglynaked
  • Avatar for MarcyStooge
    Your lyrics are dumb like a linoleum floor, your lyrics are dumb like a linoleum floor!
  • Avatar for NayaneCruz
    Love it. [2]
  • Avatar for catwars
    Deceptacon is their only good song.
  • Avatar for Rozentalski
    a new album would be nice. [4]
  • Avatar for janelesque
    I accidentally left my This Island CD in the CD player of a rental car when I was 15. I wonder what they did with it.
  • Avatar for eucaine
    They're the band with the roller skate jams.
  • Avatar for iincesticide
    I didn't even know Kathleen Hanna was singing, and I thought, man, this chick sounds just like her.
  • Avatar for theboredone
    If you want more Le Tigre and haven't heard the 2nd Junior Senior album they feature heavily on that... but otherwise you're out of luck
  • Avatar for dinamiteg
    You guys should definitely check out JD's MEN last release, Talk About Body, if you're looking for some smart dance music.
  • Avatar for thekillingspree
    Julie Ruin is the place to look for the new album. [2] Le Tigre are dead, get over it, people (I know I can't... sigh).
  • Avatar for daile
    a new album would be nice. [3]
  • Avatar for Lost_Souls_UK
    [artist]Julie Ruin[/artist] is the place to look for the new album.
  • Avatar for kimballsuxxx
    a new album would be nice.
  • Avatar for Mamwyn
    Love it.
  • Avatar for kololey
    ваще замечательно
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    hello boys (jejeje)
  • Avatar for marina2013
    Anyone else into Gossip, too? Love their new track!
  • Avatar for smack_up
  • Avatar for alex-xavier
    Adicionem ae amigos da rádio: Parece com Pixies e Breeders.
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    Kathleen Hanna<3
  • Avatar for marianegrrrl
    who took the bomb?
  • Avatar for alterl please, listen our music) and add some comment
  • Avatar for BearsandLions
    I ain't a feminist or never claimed to be, but serious these girl kick major ass. I'm hear for the music, but I'll stay and listen to the ideals :)
  • Avatar for thekillingspree
    LMAO @x66girl!
  • Avatar for Conebeast
    They call it coolness and we call it visibility.
  • Avatar for westernmedicine
    @x66girl wat
  • Avatar for Mumic
    is Johanna Fateman related to Christine Baranski? they look so alike


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