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Le Moderniste is a project " monocéphale " of industrial music. His creations can be also qualified of rhythm'n'noise and of powernoise. Le Moderniste exists under his current shape since 2006. Far from the current tones, Le Moderniste draws his inspiration at the precursors of the kind such Dirk Ivens, Esplendor Geometrico, Spk or still Nocturnal Emissions. The rhythms want similar to industrial machines beating the metal, machines with minimal and monotonous cadences. Soundscapes and sounds are often insidious: the organic substitutes itself for the inorganic in an orgasmic chaos close to the universe of a HR Giger. The Man and his vices are always represented, as slices of life, through samples of films, broadcasts, speeches of less known or known persons. A perception of the Humanity declined with a certain nihilism. A hypnotic and cold music, in the sometimes tribal stenches emerges from it. Philosophically dark and negative, the music of Le Moderniste is influenced by the modern world and his turpitude, by the everyday life and his aggressiveness. All this slump of information influences the state of mind during the creation of a track. We can also quote numerous writers such Peter Sotos, Marie L., Isidore Ducasse or still Antonin Artaud but also some serial killers, to quote only them Gerard John Schaefer, John Wayne Gacy… Who exercise a certain fascination on the musician.

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