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Postcards From The Dark Highway is an epic tale of love, war, death and rock'n'roll. Le Chat Noir’s third studio album, released in May 2009, is a thematic prequel to the band's previous two albums, returning to the fictional setting of Silver City and the surrounding Wild West-inspired landscape. Over the course of its 14 tracks the album relates the story of Jack Valentine and Roxy Lecoeur - a pair of desperados who fall foul of the law, fall in… read more



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  • Avatar for mw37825
    Love it! Mark and Aly xxx
  • Avatar for the23rdMojo
    Coincidentally, I have been in a state since 18:45 lol Well done T&E another winner, I'll buy one next time I come see ya, get me one all signed and ready will ya ;) I think Silver City Regulators is my instant fave, but that'll change no doubt. See ya soon. x x
  • Avatar for lechatnoirband
    Hehe, no worries, I guess it's hard to tell what a comment's tone is intended to be over the internet - I meant mine in a light-hearted way too, don't worry, I didn't take offence ;-) Anyway, perhaps I actually *did* need to make it clearer that it's an entirely fictional and in no way historically accurate story! Oh dear, I'm beginning to sound like one of those disclaimers at the start of movies now!! ;-)
  • Avatar for thenetsux
    Ha, sorry if I caused a comotion. Not intended. Let's pretend my previos statement had a smiley after it. *smiles. I did enjy it, your orange tone is esp nice, btw. Gotta love those P-90's.
  • Avatar for lechatnoirband
    For the record, I have no intention of being historically accurate and the content of my lyrics are in fact willfully anachronistic - let's call it artistic license. I'm a storyteller, not an historian. I guess I should've been more specific in the album's notes. The world my lyrics describe isn't based in any one time period - it's ficticious, a mish-mash ranging from 18th century Parisian glamour through the Wild West, film noir and 50s gangster flicks and filtered by the eerie timelessness of the landscape surrounding our home here on Dartmoor. Saying the interstate wasn't around before 1956 is like saying Star Wars is wrong because space ships didn't exist a long, long time ago... anyhow, total historical inaccuracy aside, did you enjoy it? Best wishes, Teddy
  • Avatar for stuartpgardner
    Furthermore, the word interstate (adj.) made it's first appearance in 1845, from the combination of inter- + state.
  • Avatar for stuartpgardner
    ... interstate? I see no use of the word 'interstate'. The word "highway" is far older than 1956, so I don't understand thenetsux's comment. As any pop-loving flue kno, "dandy highwayman" have been around since at least 1617.
  • Avatar for thenetsux
    the interstate wasn't even suggested before 1956.

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