• 22/02/07 - The Dead Fish, Lazy J, Télégramme, Fall of the Famous

    4 mars 2007, 23h06m par whoopscareless

    Bar Academy, Birmingham

    Okey dokes. Fall Of The Famous informed me before the gig that it was actually going to be their first gig. I promised to be nice, kicking myself afterwards thinking about the awkward situation I'd be putting myself in if it turned out that I was going to be forced to be rude. Fortunately for them, they performed admirably well. No hint of nerves, they seemed totally at ease and comfortable with their material and the atmosphere. Bravo. Wonderful heroic poses from the lead, as well.

    Télégramme seemed formed in a Juliette and the Licks way, something of that ilk... punky rocky type stuff, not the best singer but hell, she belted them out and seemed to be having a whale of a time. Good on em. Worth seeing how they develop... if they do. Lots of Abby-Zutons-a-likes among their friends. YES I KNOW it's irrelevant but still. I noticed it. Thoughts shouldn't go to waste.

    Lazy J I saw at the end of last year - funk-rock of a fairly high calibre. …