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  • Avatar for strom-z
    If you don't like the song you have a problem. [2] I certainly don't have a problem at all.
  • Avatar for snowfaller
    Strange song for Laurie (if there even is such a thing) but I like it.
  • Avatar for dr_rufflove
    Guys, ever wondered if the pop techno stylings are tongue-in-cheek? Oh well, nevermind...
  • Avatar for jack_rae
    Bill Shatner?
  • Avatar for amantosunabimiz
    some 'expertise' in this song.
  • Avatar for BelcantoInTheSp
    reminds me of David Byrne style
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    If you don't like the song you have a problem. But if some of the experts say it’s no problem. And other experts claim it’s no problem, or explain why it’s no problem...then it’s simply not a problem.
  • Avatar for henri-Q
    the chorus of this song is a problem. if you can't deal with it, it's because you're not an expert. only an expert can deal with the problem.
  • Avatar for daviesr7
    Funny, scary and true
  • Avatar for Bloopy
    Amusing, I like it.
  • Avatar for patman2769
    I dunno guys, I think it's kind of awesome myself.
  • Avatar for gaz_
    wait, a laurie anderson club banger?
  • Avatar for Beat_C
    this doesn't work on any kind of level. i find the guitar really wanky.
  • Avatar for thomas534
    хах, молодчина! )
  • Avatar for giedosst
    Genius track!
  • Avatar for ElectricCoffee
    She is the Queen!
  • Avatar for klot_frket
    i didn't quite like it when i heard it live, probably because the sound in that place was bad and i couldn't understand a word she was saying (except... well... that only an expert can deal with the problem :), and i wasn't crazy about the techno beat eather... but after i actually heard what she was singing about, i was hooked. and it's cool how she changes the lyrics depending on when and where she's performing, it's like this song is her "political criticism playground" song.
  • Avatar for android1985
  • Avatar for CobaltGreen
    this is a classic track, brilliant lyrics and with husband Lou Reed on guitar here, nice!
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    this is amazing
  • Avatar for Micjen
    yeah this ain't right
  • Avatar for theneedledrop
    dunno if i dug the techno feel on this one, but her narration was hilarious.
  • Avatar for cleanrap
    this song would be more compelling if it didn't have that ridiculously annoying chorus ++ laurie says problem so oddly it distracts me
  • Avatar for DoglessEndeavor
    I love the album, but find this song really annoying.
  • Avatar for Nymphedark
    ♥ I so love this. She played this in Paris last week and I'd really like to find the track somewhere else than youtube...
  • Avatar for FijneWIET
    We were the first!!! =) I even bet Lichtzwang, turttle-heart and krowseye have also seen this live (I have..)

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