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  • Avatar for Prince_de_Rien
    An extraordinary Artist.
  • Avatar for PhoenixBloom
    Vote for your fave debut albums here, join the community and vote!
  • Avatar for P-Werchowenskij
    I first saw her at Fabrik, HH Altona more than 30 years ago. A small Stage, barely big enough for her Equipment.
  • Avatar for maskedman101
    Just start talking at the sound of the tone....
  • Avatar for guy090671
    Has managed to interest me
  • Avatar for maudyyyyyyyyyy
    how did i forget her
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    ее дебют - революционный поп-эмбиент альбом, один из определяющих для музыки 20 века. последующие альбомы уже не так доставляют, к сожалению
  • Avatar for Nimbie
    I grieve with you. [2]
  • Avatar for Nochek
    I grieve with you.
  • Avatar for violettte1
  • Avatar for Nimbie
    that kind of stuff you can look for for ages
  • Avatar for nacht_vogel
  • Avatar for splatterqueer
    Such an amazing woman. All of her albums have been absolute gold. I got to see her give a speech, and see her perform last year. She is so much more than just a musician, she is a straight up phenomenal artist.
  • Avatar for melodramer
    chill <3
  • Avatar for foxtrot470
    You've been on this road before. You can read the signs. You can feel your way. You can do this in your sleep.
  • Avatar for dufusweemamoo
    Laurie Anderson was in pretty captivating form last night - made the Festival Hall her own with a very intimate, thought-provoking and finally uplifting and warm performance of 'Dirtday!' - a string of vignettes of personal reflections, bound together with hypnotic backings to send a bigger message.....
  • Avatar for SuperflyJonson
    Homeland is one of the best albums of 2010. Why didn't I discover it sooner?
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    V lol I thought I heard this on tv the other day. awesome/terrible?
  • Avatar for nicolauz
    HTC Commercial hunting got me hear. Digging the tunes.
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    Intelligent and fun. LA is such a refreshing artist.
  • Avatar for LOSTFREEQ
    She's fucking good!
  • Avatar for Batabid
    I agree. Big Science is totally mind blowing.
  • Avatar for mrmiley
    I love all of her stuff, but... Big Science... what an album.... wow!
  • Avatar for Wurzel362
    blah blah language's a virus.
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Big Science is the only Laurie Anderson album I own or need. It's that good.
  • Avatar for Ohokthen
    Obsessed over Big Science in 2010, after discovering her through an Album Cover Art book :D Now in the present I've obsessed over Home Of The Brave, a great album that's a whole lot of insightful fun! Homeland comes third, then I haven't given the rest of her albums enough of a listen, time to get to it I guess. A truly fantastic artist, she is certainly under-appreciated.
  • Avatar for Batabid
    I've owned "Big Science" for a like three years now, and I adore it. today I finally listened to "Mister Heartbreak" for the first time. I just have no words. A true masterpiece.
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    "As an Atheist, Transitory Life kind of rattled me a bit." oh, get a grip.
  • Avatar for gioprimus
    I think Bright Red is the best starting point for anyone interested in Laurie Anderson. Big Science is great as well, but a few tracks there might sound too weird for those who don't know Laurie yet. Bright Red is probably her warmest, and best produced, album.
  • Avatar for jmanzo2009
    As an Atheist, Transitory Life kind of rattled me a bit.
  • Avatar for Crustclock
    That said, Spiritualized fans who hear their cover of "Born, Never Asked" often say they didn't think it was a cover.
  • Avatar for Crustclock
    I think she was pretty of her time, not meaning she's dated or anything. Very corporate-sounding (in an atmospheric sense) and of the NY Post Pop-Art sensibility.
  • Avatar for Buggy08
    In 1981 she was 30 years ahead of her time. It's 2011 and she still is.
  • Avatar for CookieKentuki
  • Avatar for SeanSkyline
    I always wanted to by Homeland but never had enough money for it whenever I found it,I bought it for $9 at a Borders clearance sale and I have to say money more than well spent!
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    bright red or the ugly one with the jewels worked best for me.
  • Avatar for ffxi_frohike
    Big Science. Or grab the Talk Normal anthology.
  • Avatar for Kamikaze_Heart
    If I wanted to get into her music, which album would be good to start with?
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    there never has been, and probably never will be a better storyteller than laurie anderson.
  • Avatar for android1985
    always brilliant. Always a true "artist".
  • Avatar for bonekhan
    Can't believe I've never heard Big Science until now
  • Avatar for salzgurken
    pierdolona dobra jest [2]
  • Avatar for kiniucha
    great music ;)
  • Avatar for F_L_U_P_K_E
    @ YOU welcome
  • Avatar for thepalindromic
  • Avatar for Emtay13
    Poison <3
  • Avatar for mr-ananas
    pierdolona dobra jest
  • Avatar for BarbaraMuerdter
    Pictures of the performance of Delusion at Volksbuehne Berlin:
  • Avatar for mrgazbods
    I have never really listened to her before today apart from the obvious track. I like her music even more , good songs and greta voice, underrated.
  • Avatar for tobi116
    this is not music. this is pure art.


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