• This One's For The Girls

    5 Feb 2011, 01:18 by CCMMusicGirl

    Okay, a few days ago I almost got sick. I mean I nearly got physically sick. Why? No, it wasn't from food. No, it wasn't a virus. No, it wasn't the flu. No, it wasn't any of those things. So what was it? Notice I said "almost".

    For years, I used to listen to AFR (American Family Radio). I liked the music. But now they've switched to some talk programming, so I haven't really listened to it as much. And now I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible. So you're asking: why is that? Well, I know those people have always been pretty much on the offensive side of the team when it comes to things like TV and Internet. And I have pretty much just gone along with it the whole time, but not anymore: not since I started listening to another show. Besides, how's your team going to win if you have too much offense and not enough defense?

    Back in December, thanks to my favorite singer Natalie Grant, I began listening to "Mercy Multiplied," which is a radio show from Mercy Ministries. …