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  • Best her album!
  • Magnificent
  • great female folk cd.
  • it's so winterish.
  • Perhaps is my favorite from her..i have one problem with "alas i cannot swim"....all album of her is something else....i never listen folk music but her is from other planet....the first album i listen and love her in the first time
  • Her best, hands down.
  • I never get tired of this album, it's my new-old best friend.
  • "Devil's Spoke" is an amazing album opener. Hopefully there are more songs in that bombastically-orchestrated-ominosity vein!
  • Incredible album! From start to finish.
  • Excellent and original. English folk best represented here, methinks.
  • At first I liked it, like I would have liked a cup of coffee. But the love for this album has grown inside of me, piece by piece, song by song. This album, my friends, is not to be missed.
  • can't believe she's only 20, i love this album so much!
  • 2010's best.
  • one of 2010's best.
  • Love at first listen.
  • Just getting to know her work. So far, so good.
  • Love, love, love and want to runaway with.
  • No weak track.
  • Nominated for the [group]Mercury Prize[/group]!
  • I am absolutely in love with this album. And her last albums. But this i think is her best work thus far.
  • S8S
    I much prefer the first album.
  • I dusted off my Noah and the Whale because of how good this album is...
  • so goood.
  • Album of the year so far. On the very first listen I could tell how special this was.
  • Well if your favorite band is Coldplay... I can understand!
  • nice voice but nothing else...
  • This is so good.
  • I really hope they release this on vinyl - it's too good to be confined to CD and will sound excellent in the classic format.
  • 'I Speak Because I Can' rated at 82% http://highrating.blogspot.com/2010/04/laura-marling-i-speak-because-i-can.html
  • I can't believe how talent this girl is. This album is perfect.
  • way better than the last one!
  • I just listened to this album twice in a row... I don't remember the last time I did that
  • great album love it!
  • So damn good!
  • Review of the album here: http://withdrumsandcolour.com/music/cd-reviews/180-laura-marling-i-speak-because-i-can-review.html
  • Masterpiece!
  • Perfect! x
  • Wow! Just Wow! Darker than the last album - I think I may prefer it that way.
  • this is so exciting
  • Brilliant!!!
  • wow... good one. heavier than #1, but beautiful all the same.
  • Mellow and beautiful. Great album!
  • Brilliant album [2]
  • Brilliant album
  • Torrents are running red hot... we'll pay live!
  • Totally agree: album of the year so far!!!
  • I have to say it, what a fantastic piece of noughts and ones this is, utterly fabulous, rich, deep and utterly beautiful, been counting down to it for weeks, worth every single penny ten times over, album of the year so far for me, Fawning over.
  • Very beautiful album, i like the complexity of her songwriting. However her first album is still my favorite not by quality more by style the new songs are much heavier in my opinion. Eitherway a masterpiece indeed she has a brilliant voice, happy listening!
  • Hey! it has been released today! Too bad i live in holland and i have to wait a little while longer to actually buy it.


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