• 1983.

    7 May 2006, 17:24 by thewilyfilipino

    I thought I'd post a couple of former blog entries from 2003, all tricked out with last.fm tags. Yes, this shows how much older I am than y'all.

    It starts off as a paean to True"as the best song of 1983, then proceeds in another post to talk about the rest of the year:

    The great NYFD firefighter and actor Steve Buscemi immortalizes this song in the otherwise forgettable Adam Sandler vehicle The Wedding Singer: he winces, he exhales extra H's, he emotes. Spandau Ballet's lead singer, Tony Hadley, would never have done that; dressed in all his Bryan Ferry finery and sporting his New Romantic do, he stood with the mike pinched in the fingers of his hand... and emoted. "Oh I want the truth to be SAIIIIID .

    Yes, "True." Performed by a band with one of the most stupid band names imaginable, "True" invaded Philippine airwaves, spawned a silly Spandau Ballet - Duran Duran showdown on DWLS 97.1*, and jumpstarted the dead-end careers of a million amateur singers. …