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  • Avatar for EddyGarage
    I did some ep in tradition of Endtroducing (just samples used as material). Maybe you will like it:
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    They're baaaaaaack!
  • Avatar for jacidbazz
    2nd Album... Woohoo!!!
  • Avatar for NeighborTotoro
    Anyone spun the new EP yet?
  • Avatar for Glampers
    One of the best albums of all time. Yeah, that's right. ALL TIME.
  • Avatar for JL3001
    Hey all, I wrote about one of my fave tracks by Latyrx, check it out:
  • Avatar for hivolts
    "Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker will be re-uniting as the mighty LATYRX this August for the first time in over 10 years at the 4th Annual Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park." YEEEEEEEAH.
  • Avatar for dewfish
  • Avatar for mechah
    This shit is so fuckin dope.
  • Avatar for ObeseBurnVictim
    Latyrx is too dope.
  • Avatar for hivolts
    Holy fuck. This is some good shit.
  • Avatar for RosesOfTomorrow
  • Avatar for pistashyo
    when he inhales it just sounds like he needs to cough and/or clear his throat... it drives me up a wall. drop a mucinex bro.
  • Avatar for berlinmassive
  • Avatar for fatcon
    lateefs voice turns me on... lady dont tek no is tha shiiiit!
  • Avatar for fleadilla
    lady don't tek no! so awesome!
  • Avatar for ketchup-chips
    Think they'd ever come out with a new album?
  • Avatar for Ishtarpitbull
    I can't add anything to this. It transcends badass. 12 years after I first heard it- still floors me. Geeyawd-damn.
  • Avatar for awedeluxe
  • Avatar for heapsta33
    love this!!!!
  • Avatar for mana80822
    you guys are the illest
  • Avatar for TrickyPete
    the album is such a diverse, well crafted masterpiece, yet nobody even pays attention to it. i try my hardest to get people into this, because it deserves more recognition than it gets.
  • Avatar for commissar001
    19 shouts? Fuck.
  • Avatar for ludaban
    Yeah, Yeah, What, Yeah...!
  • Avatar for kiteofnight
    I'm fucking cumming as we speak. Oh my god Oh my god. So good.
  • Avatar for ShebaBaby
    I love, love, love Lady Don't Tek No! I first heard this song on HBO's Entourage (which I also love) and I HAD to have it! I searched the HBO episode guides to find out the name of the group and then I was in like Flynn. I listen to this song at least once a day.
  • Avatar for olcoontrappin
    oh god, this is amazing. how are they so unknown? his accent on balcony beach makes me swoon, giggle, then collapse
  • Avatar for PsychoBells
    i just fly like a big-ass bird, and when i spread my wings, ALL my lyrics are heard
  • Avatar for chiefdesire555
    A microcosm of sweetness, part of what the world has been missing. Poor sheeple
  • Avatar for JHadusek
    such unique flows...they definitely keep things fresh.
  • Avatar for PsychoBells
    Latyrx were ahead of their time
  • Avatar for TheSuperHero
    Good album. One of those albums you totally forget about then rediscover.
  • Avatar for darewon
    Muzappers Remixes takes the cake.
  • Avatar for brbas
    Burnt Pride Needs To Be On The Top Tracks
  • Avatar for spiketron
    lateef's voice is pretty different, but it's in a really awesome way.
  • Avatar for JamesBass
    Burning Hot In Cali on a Saturday Night is an awesome track.
  • Avatar for pachanka
    [url=]SoleSides[/url] Group Has Been BORN! Get in here!
  • Avatar for streetpoetry
    Lady Don't Tek No is a must have track
  • Avatar for Algybama
    Lateef has a really, really weird voice.

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