• Tuesday Ten: Tracks of the month (January)

    2 Feb 2010, 16:14 by amodelofcontrol

    On to this month's tracks you should hear.

    Dose Responsive
    The Medication Generation

    I feel highly privileged to have been supplied with a pre-release, near-completed version of the whole album, by some distance my most anticipated album of 2010. Remarkably, it's now nearly five years since Transhuman first made it's splash into the industrial world, and my full marks review still holds. And, I'm delighted to say that the new album is also brilliant, taking similar lyrical themes (scene apathy and fashionistas, medication, politics) as before but advancing the lyrics and the music that goes with it to a striking degree. Most of the songs you have already heard have been tweaked (some more than others), but it is perhaps most interesting that the best of the songs are the ones we hadn't heard up to this point. Which brings me to this. A short sample, and the blastbeats then come through the walls at you. It's fucking loud, brutally heavy, massively anthemic, densely packed with samples and bleeps…