• Singles of the week - 33"s of vinyl

    26 May 2008, 20:11 by thisisall1word

    The Futureheads
    Radio Heart (3)
    The last single was a bit lacklustre but I'm happy to say that this one is a great pogo-along new wave track, no nonsense and straight ahead stuff which is great and all but still lacks the awesome-o jerkiness that they used to bring.

    Invasion! (3)
    1981, sweaty underground back room gig sounds of suburban unrest captured here. Good stuff, if a little out dated by a mere 27 years, but so what?

    Sons & Daughters
    This Gift (3)
    Rock and Roll with class and a side order of garage soul which doesn't quite catch fire but good stuff nonetheless.

    The Party (2)
    Ghostly party background noises make this a bit claustrophobic. Reminiscent of Visage's Fade to Grey in places although this isn't new romantic party music, this is anti party music.

    Soul On Fire (2)
    Latest stuff from Jason Pierce before this was coll scuzzy rock and roll - this is a return to a few less memorable moments on Ladies and Gentleman... …