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Originating from the Greater Boston area, Last Regret began with drummer Lazlo posting a simple ad on Craigslist for hard rock/metal band members in August of 2007. A reply came in the form of guitarist Joe Howanski. Together, Laz and Joe wrote a number of songs that would eventually become the foundation for Last Regret. Several more rounds of ads were posted until guitarist Colin ~Axxxwell~, vocalist Josh Monds, and bassist Dana Robarge joined the carefully crafted band. Initially a group of strangers brought together by the power of Craigslist, the band soon became a tight-knit brotherhood. However in early 2011, due to conflicting career outlooks, Last Regret and original member Joe Howanski parted ways. The split was difficult for both parties, but Craigslist brought upon new guitar player David Delgado to the fold.

While paying homage to the band's influences (Korn, Slipknot, Sevendust, Black Label Society, Metallica, among countless others), Last Regret crafted their own sound instead of simply imitating or rehashing their heroes' material. The group's music is a potent mix of modern hard rock and metal. Indeed, Last Regret makes heavy music that is accessible to all, whether they be a hardcore headbanger or a casual rock fan.

1) September 2008 ourstage.com–#1 Metal Artist ( "Once More" )
2) October 2008 ourstage.com–#2 Metal Artist ( "Sincerely" )
3) March 2009 ourstage.com–#2 Metal Artist ( "Sincerely" )
4) Indie's Top 10 in Cincinnati, OH–featured artist of the month April 2009
5) Oxxfest July 2009–opened for Papa Roach
6) Rock the Ink August 2009–opened for Otep
7) December 2010 ourstage.com–#1 Metal Artist ("Unbroken")
8) December 2010 ourstage.com–#3 Hard Rock Artist ("T.G.I.F.")
9) March 2011 featured on "The Most Amazing Radio Show Ever" with Paul Conklin


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