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Friday 5 January 2007
Stagnation is death
Last Point, Hard to Breath, stolen faithConcert
Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
52.195905 20.996153

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Monday 8 January 2007
Last Point
Stagnation is deathConcert
Molotov Cafe
Olsztyn, Poland
53.775497 20.475207
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Sunday 11 February 2007
No Heaven Awaits Us
Calm The Fire, Jealous, Last Point, KLINCHConcert
Калининград, Russian Federation
54.686575 20.53299

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Sunday 10 June 2007
Ray, Engage At Will, Cut'N'Run, Wheel 4X, Last Point
Ray, Engage at Will, cut'n'run, Last Point, Wheel 4xConcert
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
59.932768 30.327203

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