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  • Avatar for russtyle
    уже в эту пятницу!
  • Avatar for russtyle концерт в питере.
  • Avatar for russtyle
    BULGARIAN HARDCORE POWER TOUR 2012 9/11 Rock house (Москва) + Traces of you (It), Штрафбат, Give em the gun 10/11 Вологда 11/11 Dusche (Питер) + Next Round ВСТУПАЙТЕ В ГРУППУ ВКОНТАКТЕ
  • Avatar for ScreamoCat
    soo good!
  • Avatar for SepulTeraHead
    Ето и ревю на "More Than Ever" -
  • Avatar for SepulTeraHead
    Интервю с Last Hope - - Новият албум е убийствен!
  • Avatar for sown
    Трябва да подкрепяме нашите хора! Браво пичове. Само напред и нагоре!
  • Avatar for charged11
    I'm really sad that you won't play in western germany :<
  • Avatar for ignjholio
    16 banjaluka, hel jea!!!
  • Avatar for imperio_del_mal
    Will see them live in 7 days. Can't wait, seems like a pretty good band.
  • Avatar for GrimReaperBG
    ONE MORE TIMEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for lokoman1929
    много яки юристи!!! якииии
  • Avatar for Skykorn
    literally: chicken isn't a bird, bulgaria isn't a foreign country. it makes sense in russian coz has a certain rhyme.
  • Avatar for hardcore_united
    курица не птица - болгария не заграница Id love to know what this means
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
  • Avatar for Hell_Chernodub
  • Avatar for Skykorn
  • Avatar for Flegustier
    ого, да тут дохрена наших)) нештяковое рубилово, риспект!
  • Avatar for Ultro-igor
  • Avatar for Ben3in
    эпик \m/
  • Avatar for uncivilization
    GFY,bustazzzz :D:D:D:D
  • Avatar for 8bits_bmx
  • Avatar for hayvansin
    %100 KIRO!
  • Avatar for Strungouted
    курица не птица - болгария не заграница!
  • Avatar for mazziexhardyz
    Love the american hardcore punk one :)
  • Avatar for SepulTeraHead
    LAST HOPE! В петък беше яко лудница!
  • Avatar for fucking_name
  • Avatar for moshpitsoldier
    yeah top listener :D
  • Avatar for Fobos1
    respect from ufa!
  • Avatar for Strungouted
    Seen live xD
  • Avatar for x_link
    top listener xD
  • Avatar for manocene
  • Avatar for brannik
    i hate these bastards - lowlife pigs fuck their methods, fuck police there's no justice, there's no peace there's no freedom - fuck police
  • Avatar for GrimReaperBG
    Иха, top listener :D
  • Avatar for music_addict29
    Йеа,top listener ;d
  • Avatar for CFH-MadButcher
    The Real Kıro Hardcore.
  • Avatar for pe6o_kroifel
    the song with Barney from Napalm Death is really brutal
  • Avatar for Lukinx
    louie_louie, There's also one from Sweden. :)
  • Avatar for xgolyax
    respect from kirov!
  • Avatar for candy_lo
    Last Hope koncert 24.11.2007 Sofia club Black Box.....
  • Avatar for louie_louie
    There are at least 3 HC bands with this name... :X one from the U$A, a portuguese one and one from Bulgaria...
  • Avatar for Crobat
    really awesome live!
  • Avatar for Crobat
    tomorrow is the fuckin' day!
  • Avatar for jacco_d
    good shit!
  • Avatar for allroy13
    I was at gig with That Shining Star,Hang,Hitman & Agnostic Front in Belgrade. Your live sound is same like on CD. Very professional band. Old School!:) Much respect for Bulgarian Brothers!!!!!!!:) George Terror(Democratic Terror)
  • Avatar for xtakedownedx
    mnooo qki tagove :D
  • Avatar for mi6a
  • Avatar for SepulTeraHead
    TEST OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!1

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