• Needed

    6 Dec 2010, 08:14 by i_m_in_hiding

    This is a list of stuff I really don't find (even on Soulseek). If you're nice enough to share what you have, please ping me, and we'll make a deal! :) Remember, property is theft!

    A Certain Ratio:
    -> Mind Made Up

    AC Acoustics:
    -> Victory Parts / The Silver Echo and The Golden Echo

    -> Live at the Royal Albert Hall

    Al Bano:
    -> Al Bano
    -> Buon Natale 2008

    Al Bano Carrisi:
    -> Il Piu' Bel Regalo di Natale
    -> Natale Con al Bano
    -> Recital at the Festival: The Golden Orpheus 75
    -> The Great Italian Songbook

    Alejandra Guzmán:
    -> Alejandra Guzman
    -> Alejandra Guzmán en Vivo
    -> Sexy

    Alex Lloyd:
    -> Alex Lloyd/Other Side

    All About Eve:
    -> Live at Union Chapel

    Ana Popovic:
    -> Can You Stand The Heat

    And One:
    -> Zeit für Die Zukunft

    Andres Cepeda:
    -> Andres Cepeda

    Andrew W.K.:
    -> Damn! The Mixtape, Vol. 1

    Antonello Venditti:
    -> Cada Instante

    Apres La Classe:
    -> Luna Park On Tour: Live 2008
  • Cropping Artist Images for the Library

    24 Aug 2009, 12:24 by fmera

    Following up on the earlier journal, Getting Artist Images to Look Their Best, here is a short guide to explain how images (be they square, tall, or wide) that you upload to artist galleries are cropped for eventual use in the library.

    I'll use these images (taken from Simone Kopmajer's gallery) as a visual guide to show how your original artist pics will end up looking as library images. It works on the idea that cropping images square or tall - if your original shots allow this - really is the safer option, as they minimize further cropping when your images are processed. Shown below are three sample images, in square, tall, and wide formats, and beside them the actual 126s images used for the library. The translucent red masking shows where image content will be lost (or hidden from view, rather), and the window is what you'll end up with in the library:
  • My Iberian Experience

    6 Dec 2008, 04:36 by thebrucewayne

    When I lived in Spain a few years ago, I learnt a thing or two. I learned that Spain is NOT Mexico, as a lot of North Americans are wont to believe, assume, expect. I learned that Mexico is the way it is because of Spain -- The good, the bad, the ugly. I love Mexico, and I truly love Spain. One of the people in Spain that influenced me exponentially was a very beautiful person from San Fernando. I fell in love with her and stupidly messed it up... as I'm very good at doing. So anyway, she had great taste in everything, but I'm not so sure about her music, now that I look back. She had me HOOKED on Spanish . I don't know much else about music from the Iberian Peninsula, but whenever I hear Spanish , I wax sentimentally and am lost in nostalgia. Here are some of the groups (with the help of that I still hear when I think of downtown Cadiz, Jerez, and the beaches of Costa de la Luz & Costa del Sol:

    rock en español