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Lando Fiorini was born in Rome, from a modest family in Rome Trastevere. The youngest of eight children, is experiencing a difficult economic situation of those post-war years and their parents think to entrust their child to the loving care of a simple family of Modena. So he lives about two years Disvetro of Cavendish , in the province of Modena in the family Montanari. The years of his childhood were definitely not easy for him, inexorably marked by the untimely death of his mother, who is lost when Lando was only 14 years.
Back in Rome, tenacious and willing, at first the work is varied, such as barbers and bicycle repair.
In 1959 Leopold Fiorini is the porter at Mercati Generali in Rome and here, among the people of his city, never misses a chance to sing melodious songs, simple patterns that alleviate the sadness of everyday life. It was this reality that comes from his desire to sing. Tifosissima team that still gives him emotional feelings, his "magic" Rome.
In 1961, he participated in Cantagiro and after the statement to the traveling festival, plays the musical signed Garinei and Giovannini Rugantino playing the role of the storyteller and the Roman citizen who sings the song " Ciumachella de Trastevere . Meanwhile, successive appearances on radio and TV. On the radio, for two years in a row, is the facilitator of the "Arciroma" while in part to several television shows, from "Dizionaretto Music" to "The words this unknown" to "Hello Mom", to arrive at ' the 1966 edition of "Canzonissima. After an appearance on TV to "now music" with "Roman Guitar" Fiorini plays a film alongside Franchi and Ingrassia , " Er least, the history of FIFA and a knife , "a parody of" Er as "by and with Adriano Celentano , playing the role of a storyteller, Verdicchio.
In 1972, Fiorini, accompanied by Toni Ucci , Rod Licary and Ombretta De Carlo , leaves for Turin to record his first television series in four episodes: "Hello, I'll be back." Then participates in two other television: "Like when it's raining outside" playing the song "One hundred bells" symbol known television series " The sign of the command "originally recorded by Nico , and "Music Now" where, apart from singing "Give it a kiss," says the anecdotes and the public has just released his latest LP "Rome, yesterday and today" and participation in Canzonissima few years later with the song "One Hundred Bells."
In 1974 he played on television in the show "Girovacanze" the song "Er Monno" song that brought the end to a disc for the summer . By taking part, also, to "Canzonissima" in the group and with the folk song " Barcarolo Roman , "followed by" Pupo blond "and" Bridge soak. " Gets the most votes from the jury in the history of Canzonissima (300) with just "Barcarolo Roman." It's pretty obvious his victory. Then something happens and the victory escapes him. However, as we will also write the newspapers, Fiorini is the moral winner of Canzonissima. In 1975, he returned to a disc for the summer with So 'er was first made of ED.
She has sung for TV. In 1976, leads with Maria Rosaria Omaggio television broadcasting Er Lando furious. He also writes the lyrics to "A dream of marble," composed by Stelvio Cipriani , taken from the television miniseries The Marble Faun .
He knows then Erminio Macario and he is cast as the "young actor". Fiorini accepts with enthusiasm and set off for Milan, where he recorded two episodes of the television program Macario more . To take part in the show "A suitcase all blue" with Walter Chiari , where once again, with great success, "Barcarolo Roman." Record then the theme song of the radio drama "Pelliccioni Paul, robber." In the 80 participated in numerous radio broadcasts of Rai, including "The troublemakers" and "Music and words for a day of celebration" with lyrics by Marco Di Tillo.
Participate in the Festival di Sanremo 1994 as a member of Team Italy singing an old Italian song.
After Rugantino, comes the experience of Cabaret. In 1968, Fiorini opens in the heart of Trastevere, one of the top comedy clubs in the Capital: The "Puff", obtaining sold out every season. Located in the first case of cold cuts to its present headquarters in Via Giggi Zanazzo . In 2008 local historian turns 40. For the occasion, Lando and his staged "Laughter is 40" with the actors Camillo Toscano , Loretta Rossi Stuart and Constance nuts .
From the late 90's to today, in addition to theatrical commitments with Puff, Fiorini divides his time between recordings and television appearances Sunday.
In 2003, due to an illness, has been professionally idle.
He has two sons, Francis Xavier and Carol, an actress she too.

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