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There are 3 bands/artists with the name Lamont:

1. Lamont is a stoner rock trio founded in 1998 in Allston, MA, USA. As of 2007 they have been on 4 different record companies, one for each of their 4 albums. Critics state/claim that their sound is raw 70's AC/DC style rock & roll. They have opened for bands like Mojo Nixon, Reverend Horton Heat, and Drive-by Truckers. They also re-recorded a ZZ-Top track for a 70's cover compilation album. On a similar note, "Hotwire" from Thunder Boogie was featured in and on a commercial for Tony Hawk's Underground.

2. Lamont is a Swedish glam rock band formed in Malmo, Sweden in 2002. They are renowned for the unique way they have chosen to release their music. Instead of fighting the age of Mp3s and instantaneous music downloads, they have embraced it. Lamont releases their singles through free downloads available on their official site and page giving the listener the choice to buy the cover art and blank CD-R if desired. Using the slogan, "Lamont's music is for free and for everyone!" the group have brought a refreshing approach to the often muddled music industry. Not only are they bridging the gap between the band and band enthusiasts alike by being download friendly, but they are also concentrating on the value of the live performance. Lamont refers to itself as being "…not only about the music, about the whole experience of singing, dancing and going to the show."

Their latest single, "Rather Do It" was released on September 25th 2006.

The five current members of Lamont are:
*Kristofer - Vocals
*Lash - Guitar
*Kristina - Keyboards
*David - Bass
*Mr. Hank - Drums

3. There is also a third artist using this name.

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