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  • Awesome duo, very special music
  • So special and unique :)
  • Awesome show in Moscow! Lou is so charming and her voice gave me the shivers, and Andy was sooo hot
  • love the last album and adore them live!
  • there are five good songs on the latest album and the rest are throwaway filler
  • I'm charmed.
  • In Binary...bravo. That track is perfection
  • Photos from Warsaw:
  • g-t
    Yesterday show in Wrocław was just amazing. Definitely one of the best live-bands I've ever seen. Can't wait to see you again :) P.S. Sorry for being "tough crowd"
  • brand new album is masterpiece.
  • See you in Bratislava on 4th December!
  • «Backspace Unwind» отличный
  • Love Lou's voice, stunning!
  • лайвы лучше самого альбома
  • I have 2x tickets for the Manchester show on November 1st at face value if anyone wants them! Message me.
  • Really enjoying the new album
  • Just got the CD. With the Bonus Disc "Live with Amsterdam Sinfonietta". Wow, its pretty Amazing! Love it!
  • In Binary - > listen loud = > Herzkammerflimmern <3
  • Backspace Unwind ♥ [4] Seven Sails! Wow!
  • been waiting months for the new album and its perfect as always
  • Backspace Unwind ♥ [3] Awesome!
  • Backspace Unwind is so good, like true trip hop should be.
  • New album makes me nostalgic for the 90's electronic music scene, not for its style but for its quality: it's the demonstration that 20 years ago musicians used to work much more on sounds and composition. Backspace Unwind is made with that love for music and details.
  • Backspace Unwind ♥ [2]. Gran album, maravilloso.
  • Backspace Unwind ♥
  • Some great new videos up too on Lamb's YouTube channel - ..
  • Lamb's new album 'Backspace Unwind' will be released in Oct 2014. Visit for an album preview and info about the special edition pre-order available until 18 August.
  • Truly beautiful.
  • One of my first love in music <3
  • Thy most favourable.
  • the album 'Lamb' is amazing. gotta listen to more from them. I used to think they sucked big time because I only knew 'Gabriel'
  • Lamb, the band that can break a heart a million times with just one bar of their beautiful music. Thank you.
  • Brilliant music<3
  • я под эту музыку жизни радуюсь)
  • ...пятый оказался слабоват, может поэтому я и узнал про его существование только сейчас, но по сравнению с предыдущим 2003-го года альбомом очень слабо. у Lamb всегда были эксперименты, а вот в последнем пятом как-то вообще с этим слабо. чилл-аут почти прямо...
  • самые. навсегда.
  • под эту музыку грустить хорошо
  • Listen Trip-hop from the Black Sea
  • lamb of god correct tag for this artist
  • v i like u :)
  • Years ago i was sitting in a coffee shop and this haunting, beautiful song was playing in the background. The chatter and the noise in there was pretty loud but this soft yet distinctive voice stood out to me. I tried desperately to try to hear the lyrics so i could search for the song on the internet later on when i got home. All i could make out was 'i could fly' and then something about wings. I spent years Googling those lyrics which were literally all i had to go on to try and find the song that had moved me so much that day and i gave up hope of ever finding it. Until i stumbled upon it by accident while watching YouTube videos. I am so fucking grateful, i can't even tell you.
  • New song: Nobody Else (live)
  • просто рай для ушей
  • Hi. Listen to: post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • The San Franciscan band is amazing. I wish I didn't have to click twice on "read more" to see any mention of their existence...
  • g-t
    noillgo: no, but i'm obsessed with the B Line remixed by Andy Votel. In fact all those remixes are really good.
  • Is anyone else obsessed with the A Guy Called Gerald remix of Cottonwool?
  • Build a Fire
  • I love how their beats sound more like jungle than what I typically think of when I think of trip hop.


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