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  • Heyhooletsgo


    January 2012
  • Trm-

    what an angry young fellow.. [3]

    August 2011
  • frikenfroken

    what an angry young fellow.. [2]

    May 2011
  • punxcarniceria

    carai...meu é muito show essa banda

    April 2011
  • Lamb-of_God

    let'em burn

    January 2011
  • FiftySven

    Seccond Song and the Seccond best song on NAG

    October 2010
  • Belial13


    July 2010
  • JunebugJames

    This group is the cats pajamas

    February 2010
  • bogells

    rock me live again....

    January 2010
  • satanicsmurf69

    i havnt heard a LOG track that i dont like and this is no exeption,LOG 4 life!!

    December 2009
  • roforulez666

    Really beast-like vocal. Gotta love this song.

    September 2009
  • Za-ch

    i disagree....they didnt take a turn for the worst until sacrament, and wrath kinda brought em just can't ruins metal

    September 2009
  • canhasmusic

    they took a turn for the worse in this album in my opinion

    August 2009
  • canniballll


    April 2009
  • Ifriane

    Will see 'em at Sonisphere! :D

    March 2009
  • entrasloka

    yes yes yes... esta banda esta re buena... la re concha de la madre... muy buena... haber para cuando vienen para argentina... bue... Iam ot speak inglish... bye...

    March 2009
  • XMizMetalX


    January 2009
  • Abigor24

    Drinking metal

    October 2008
  • jack_key

    Lamb of god is the balls.

    September 2008
  • FlutteringPetal

    what an angry young fellow..

    July 2008
  • tothevultures


    June 2008
  • apanator

    this kicks ass

    June 2008