• Lam Rim: live concert in Café La Palma, 25 Jan 2008

    15 Jul 2008, 00:54 by orlandorobson

    I first encountered the English-singing Madrid band last October when they sent me a friend invite on Myspace. As a matter of course I clicked on them for a listen and that was the beginning of an exciting build-up to my first experience of them live on Friday evening. During this time I've listened to the album so often I'd probably recognise miniature samples of it in a DJ session. This is a great advantage because music needs time to mature in your mind, become familiar and link itself to feelings and images. In this way, the lyrics and harmonies become part of your own experience. On the other hand, there is the danger of your musicians being a disappointment when they play the songs live and most of us can probably remember wishing we'd never seen groups lose their rapture on stage before us. But the excitement of a gig is underpinned by nervous anticipation and you can guarantee the band will have it even more than you.

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