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Lagoona was a melodic dance and trance music duo from Porjus, northern Sweden. The band was founded by Andreas Viklund and Björn Bodin in September 1996, originally under the name The Solid Energy Crew. Lagoona released almost all their music for free on the web, and they became one of the most successful non-commercial internet bands in the world after hitting the #1 spot of the MP3.com Music Chart twice in year 2000.

Lagoona also had several international recording and publishing contracts, but remained non-commercial with the exception of a couple of remixes and compilation album features. Lagoona worked together for eight years (until 2004), and when the members put an end to their long adventure more than 8 million MP3 songs had been downloaded from their websites. The last official Lagoona release was the Frisky & Hujib remix of the song "Into my dream", released on vinyl by RFU Recordingz in 2006.

The Lagoona music is still available on the web, and it is still free to download. The entire discography (more than 70 songs) can be downloaded for free from SoundCloud. Lagoona have always encouraged their listeners to share the Lagoona songs in any way the listeners wanted. The band supported file-sharing and free distribution, and considered their open approach to file-sharing to be the single most important reason for their success. For more information about the band, see the Wikipedia entry on Lagoona.

Official music site today is http://soundcloud.com/andreas

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