• there's no medication I find is strong enough to replace my spine and destroy my mind

    4 Mar 2009, 19:23 by neesh

    Anyone remember Anadivine? They had that song a while back featuring Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria). "Cross Your Heart"

    full streaming tracks:

    If my memory serves me correctly, Claudio also worked on "Alcohol and Oxygen" which was lyrically influenced by Sean Paul Pillsworth's friendship with Josh Eppard (aka Weerd Science). Read that in an old interview a while back that I can't currently seem to locate.

    anyway, reason why I bring up this broken band is because (in addition to their Ep being one of my top CDs of all time) I just discovered Sean Paul's got a new project! Last I'd heard he was with Counterfeit Disaster Wavis" Parker's brainchild. Revolving members have included: Dave Bodie (now drummer for Boston's Kayo Dot), Zac Shaw (drummer of grindcore/powerpop/punk duo Dead Unicorn), Josh Eppard, Anni Krueger, Erica Pivko, Kurt Brown, Dave Daw. …
  • 2007 in Music Wrap-Up

    6 Dec 2007, 20:51 by neesh

    Mainly my year was broken up into album-eras. From the beginning of 2007 until about May my album of the year was Kiss Kiss' Reality Vs. The Optimist. From May until July it was Porcupine Tree's Fear of a Blank Planet. From July until October it was 3's The End is Begun. Overall, it's 3. I was distracted from TEIB for a good moment when No World For Tomorrow was released, but it just doesn't hold a candle to TEIB. I lost a ton of interest in Coheed when I saw them at Roseland Ballroom in November. Feels like a part of me's died. It's just not the same. The crowd, the emotions, the performers don't emit the overwhelming and orgasmic love that they used to. Everything feels so forced and plastic. I miss Josh's eclectic presence incredibly. I gave the new Coheed and Cambria a legitimate chance. I thought that maybe seeing them perform would rekindle some love. I tried three times. Each time I just found myself angrier with the crowd, the band's way of handling things, the merchandise, the lack of Kwame…