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  • Avatar for JordanNeo
    Quite a show by this great band at The Horseshoe. I took some pics and wrote some words:
  • Avatar for StiffBoard
    amazing band, love it all, not a bad song, best rock'n'roll band since the Cons quit. Love Sports too, wish they could do one more too.
  • Avatar for dannippon13
    heard "the dugout" and i thought it was foo fighters. underappreciated band!
  • Avatar for jabbottman
    any plans to come stateside?? Awesome music.
  • Avatar for IanAR
    Added to [url=/group/Streamable+Track+Wants/forum/57927/_/639770/_/13141525]Streamable Track Wants » Discussions » Artist Connections Overflow[/url]
  • Avatar for stefanreindl
    New song & video "Footprints":
  • Avatar for Fytech
    Self-titled album is amazing, everything else is not good. I'm hoping for a new album soon.
  • Avatar for stefanreindl
    Fucking love this band.
  • Avatar for deadgrave
    what the hell? :D whers that girl? :D
  • Avatar for frankricard
    dudes! keep it up! my favorite rock band. come over to oz and i'll sacrifice a kangaroo in your honour and let you crash in my swag
  • Avatar for wookielove
    Best press photo ever.
  • Avatar for incubatetilburg
    They will perfom at the [url=]Incubate 2010[/url] festival in Tilburg.
  • Avatar for LQQKIE
    ...connected to group [group]Canada[/group]
  • Avatar for alex_lol
    Nice, nice.
  • Avatar for THEIRONWAGON
    The worlds best bad, check out Sports too, awesome!
  • Avatar for miimarz
  • Avatar for pauldovas
    Ghost Blues is the best 10 and a half minutes you'll spend alone after midnight!
  • Avatar for Jagooar
    so, damn, good.
  • Avatar for unlovely
    so fucking good it's ridic.
  • Avatar for dambarra
  • Avatar for porch2
  • Avatar for analutetia
  • Avatar for porch2
    Bom demais!!!!! :))))))))))
  • Avatar for TippinMyStuff
  • Avatar for CoolItCasanova
    pyschic_hearts: Quality over quanitity...
  • Avatar for stefanreindl
    so we're outnumbered by E-dropping preteen hipsters? what else is new...
  • Avatar for psychic_hearts
    ladyhawke kicking your ass - over 1 million scrobbles!
  • Avatar for efilvunz
    I think the drumsound is pretty awesome. If you'd put more on front in the mix, it'll sound too U2 probably.
  • Avatar for beatfanatic
    yeah i noticed the crappy drum sound too
  • Avatar for marlenaa
    I do agree, good stuff but lazy drum... !
  • Avatar for balikye
    Man, Shots is a wonderful record, but the drum sound is so lacking and disappointing! They're so low in the mix! The guitars sound great but the drums could sound so awesome... but they don't...
  • Avatar for stefanreindl
    already counting down to their annual kelowna boxing day show.
  • Avatar for 3lIOns
    its good shit. in a similar vein to black mountain
  • Avatar for SoggyFrog
    Caught them at Virgin Fest, then picked up Shots. No disappointment here.
  • Avatar for nonobody
    like it very much!
  • Avatar for PoeticViolence
    Ladyhawk Ladyhawke....... I'm confused.... do they spell Hawk differently in New Zealand and Canada? I thought the colonies all spoke the Queen's English?
  • Avatar for t-rocc
    where did all the songs go?
  • Avatar for deevo
    what the fuck, i think wants to merge this with Ladyhawke, who is of course an entirely different artist
  • Avatar for 10TonChain
    new album is as near perfect as far as i can tell
  • Avatar for u_neak
    i love them.
  • Avatar for oruiz
    the singer sounds like the singer of Wolf Parade
  • Avatar for Zwoin
    come to belgium guy's! shots is THE album of the year at this point!
  • Avatar for caretta
    'shots' could very well end up as my album of the year.
  • Avatar for electricdunnaho
    Great stuff. Almost reminds me of Grunge. The good Grunge that is. Thumbs up!
  • Avatar for joblogle
    I am really excited about the new album!
  • Avatar for withgod
    i dont always know what youre saying is perfect.
  • Avatar for digital_artboy
    Yeah the new album is pretty amazing guys. BUY IT. ps - Ladyhawk makes me feel infinitely better about Kelowna.
  • Avatar for nutop
    new album is grand
  • Avatar for Big_Dumb_Sex
    seen live is the worst fucking tag
  • Avatar for stefanreindl
    proud to be from these boys' home town.


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