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  • Peace_Sells86

    Easily their weakest album. Its not terrible but not one I go back to much.

    May 2015
  • Carneiro_

    I have an emotional memory attached to Shallow Life, i miss hear it at 2009.

    September 2014
  • Icy-Diamond

    great album!

    January 2014
  • fabricioscabbia

    weak album. there's a few good songs on it, but it's a shame in their carreer. Miss their old days

    December 2013
  • WishingAngel

    my fav album of Lacuna Coil

    September 2013
  • PatrickMLima

    My favorite of then. Fuckin great album. Haters gonna hate. [2]

    July 2013
  • Violetdusk

    Started going down for me since Karmacode, good for USA-style chug chug simple rock only, much less intricate and melodic. I miss the Lacuna Coil of first EP and first 3 albums. :/

    April 2013
  • guilhermecu

    fuckin great album. haters gonna hate

    March 2013
  • Bella_MarieSwan

    Not Enough <3

    January 2013
  • NoooFun

    Only song I enjoy from this album is "I Like It".

    December 2012
  • Dany__Targaryen

    I don't care what people say, I love this album ;)

    July 2012
  • DiabloticWizard

    Survive :)

    July 2012
  • CruelKnave

    I don't know why so many people are ragging on this album. Back on Comalies there were a couple of tracks where we started to hear a deeper, heavier guitar chugging — a style that completely dominated Karmacode. On Shallow Life they seem to have been moving slowly away from that chugging sound and back towards a more delicate, melodic, and melancholy style, making some of the tracks sound like classic, pre-2002 Lacuna Coil. I like it.

    May 2012
  • crimson_deep

    Wide Awake ♥

    February 2012
  • adelinadarkstar

    shallow shit.......PRECISELY

    January 2012
  • Kajtek666

    shallow shit

    January 2012
  • JuliaLemita


    October 2011
  • WarriorSoul_

    Very appropriate name. Shallow album indeed.. :/

    October 2011
  • bloomofsilence

    what a nice album!

    August 2011
  • Deliany

    There are only 2 songs I liked from this album. Too bad. :\

    August 2011
  • TiagoMacedoS

    The only bad thing was the Shallow Life to them to make success in the U.S. and other countries .-.

    July 2011
  • vladotheimpaler

    Better than Karmacode, imo.

    June 2011
  • Riktenkay

    It's a good album but it's definitely not their best. Probably the worst in fact. And no Thomse, when people say it's too commercial they mean it is uncreative and trying to appeal to the kind of people who like pop music.

    May 2011
  • Thomse_BER

    to me, this is one great album- their best.... i do not understand what people think when they say 'too commercial' - do you envy them for making money doing what they like - and their fans buy it 'cos they are wanting it? I think you are jealous because more people get used to the band you think is yours only...

    April 2011
  • DepartureSong

    Honestly, this is growing on me the more I listen to it.

    April 2011
  • AndreTosatti

    Shallow album hahahahahhahahahhaha

    March 2011
  • PatrickMLima

    Never get bored of this. For me, it's a MASTERPIECE!

    March 2011
  • AmeHana

    Where has the magic of Lacuna Coil gone? I miss songs like Comalies and Cold Heritage, songs with real feeling and depth and emotion to them. Everything on this album feels so commercial and un-LC. Shallow indeed.

    March 2011
  • bender-psyh


    February 2011
  • ViviAi

    V. No it doesn't.

    February 2011
  • Riktenkay

    Worst Lacuna Coil album, but it still has some good parts.

    January 2011
  • NoooFun

    Getting Linkin Park's producer was a terrible idea for this album.[2]

    December 2010
  • PatrickMLima

    Im' addicted!! MASTERPIECE!

    December 2010
  • Deadboytomorrow

    I like this album, but the music on it is so shallow like its name.

    November 2010
  • earthcrossing

    There are like...bits of some of the songs that if you mushed 'em together would make one good song...but ...each one seems to have a bit that makes me wince. so far anyway. i'm only up to "I like it" so far.

    October 2010
  • Hollow-Symphony

    Everything sounded the same on Karmacode and nothing was memorable (bar Our Truth, Enjoy the Silence, and to an extent Closer). Here, at least four songs stand out to me. Go back to Comalies and earlier please, Lacuna.

    October 2010
  • ConsignedO

    I was disappointed by Karmacode so it took me by surprise that this ended up being my second favourite LC album after Comalies...

    September 2010
  • Argentum99

    Too "american", too commercial.

    September 2010
  • kennb3

    Getting Linkin Park's producer was a terrible idea for this album. "I'm Not Afraid" sounds WAAY too much like Linkin Parks "Runaway". They're getting too mainstream, which sucks in my book. I liked them up to this point, but I tend to listen to their older stuff more than this album. Anytime a track pops up I tend to skip it. There's a couple of good songs, but the rest is forgettable.

    August 2010
  • njdracula

    their worst album by far

    August 2010
  • vladotheimpaler

    @AzureSwan: i agree with you 100%.

    August 2010
  • WildPork

    At first, it seemed lame, but after several listens; I'm quite addicted. Lacuna Coil always seem to take ages to get into anyway, but this one is catchier. Cristina's vocal performance is first class too

    June 2010
  • MourningMoon

    it doesn't deserve that much hate actually

    May 2010
  • earthcrossing

    "Whoever calls this "gothic metal" needs to get punched by a squirrel." hahahahaha this cracked me up. i laughed loudly.

    May 2010
  • Pennyroya1Tea

    not their best, but still being a good album! [2]

    May 2010
  • redphoenix17sv

    Most people don't like this album, but why?? Too cheesy?? What's their best album??

    April 2010
  • sevenlee7

    Not a terrible album but I think their worst.. It looks like nearly everyone is in agreement here lol

    April 2010
  • darkgobblin

    90% of songs are worse than the worst song of Lacuna Coil's previous albums.

    April 2010
  • rrrafa2259

    not the best but "i like it" [2]

    April 2010
  • LuckiestOrange

    I love Lacuna Coil, but this album sucks hard.

    April 2010