• 6 down, 6 to go

    29 Jun 2008, 01:57 by pecusita

    The end of June marks the start of summer and another half year of your life has gone by, may that be for better or worse. To keep on the positive side of the half-year, I’ve decided to write a journal about my 6 most played albums thus far.

    My total of complete 2008 albums leave something to be desired, I must say.

    I’ve also been catching up with last year music, that has limited my 2008 full albums acquisitions (Some laziness has played a small factor, if you insist on nothing but the truth!)

    I’ve gotten into some great music I’ve thought about acknowledging in an upcoming journal - to be written sometime before the year ends.

    Just like my top albums of 2007 journal, it’s gonna be countdown style - because it’s more fun, and based on averaged plays - because it’s fair.

    Average plays by song = Total Plays / Total tracks in the album

    Let the fun begin!

    6. Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Vol. 3 & 4: Air & Earth