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  • Avatar for icicle241286
    My mum's in The Bill.
  • Avatar for Tahula
    And I'm in the quicksand. I'm in the quicksand.
  • Avatar for dizinho2
  • Avatar for PurplePostRock
    Nice ❤
  • Avatar for realitymaniac
    R-Mac the similarities are uncanny!
  • Avatar for dashjr
    superb record -jr
  • Avatar for heintony
    So underrated, the best one for me.
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    When Doves Cry
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    this song makes me think of a girl i really liked.
  • Avatar for keanequeen
  • Avatar for LocoThom
    'What's my position? I don't understand'
  • Avatar for CherilynSL_
    i'm in the quicksand
  • Avatar for larouxbestfan
    i <3 La Roux!
  • Avatar for LizandraBr
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    Songs really good! I love this track! Fantastic!
  • Avatar for old1young1
    reminds me of when doves cry...
  • Avatar for old1young1
  • Avatar for Nick-----
  • Avatar for cooldog4689
    wow thi is sorta a deep song wow!
  • Avatar for tik-toks
    This sounds like it would be a good song to pole dance to :)
  • Avatar for thiago-marques
    LOVE IT!!
  • Avatar for kusumoto
    I shall make it known in this shoutbox that I like this song and believe it is very good. I hope this information aids you all in your future endeavors.
  • Avatar for Eldheven
    <3 i love Quicksand ,#
  • Avatar for jonasupergold
    You should listen to this song in the Alex Metric Mix, as illustrated in the Faithless Soundsystem Essential Mix of 2010...pure eargasmic
  • Avatar for jonasupergold
    I'm the obsessor // Holding your hand // It seems you have forgotten // About your man // Alone in the darkness // My bed's a different land // Your touch intensifies *** And I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand *** You're the upsettor // Stroking my hand // What's my position? // I don't understand *** Am I your possession? // Am I in demand? // Oh when you turn to me *** I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand *** You moved into my mind again oh // Walking around and free oh // Oh I could let you stay // But I'm walking on broken ground again // Oh, oh when will I learn? // All you do is push me back in the dark *** Oooh oooh *** I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand // I'm in the quicksand...
  • Avatar for jenroux
    Love. Elly. So. Much. <3
  • Avatar for KangAla
    I would marry Elly.
  • Avatar for paffdad
    this track's the shizzy!
  • Avatar for Pange
    And I'm in the Quicksand!
  • Avatar for ssidbroadcast
    I think she is singing about her pet dog or something.
  • Avatar for poppa7
    i love her vibe so much!!!!!!
  • Avatar for M_Marina
    безусловно шикаарно
  • Avatar for bexclark
    *thumbs up*
  • Avatar for Rachel1203
  • Avatar for brokenspines
    So good.
  • Avatar for microkong
    la roux is so good. Look up our La Roux parody on YouTube called "La ROux Sugarfree". Offically Awesome!
  • Avatar for daraeleanor
    love it. love it. love it.
  • Avatar for DolceFaux
    hell to the yes
  • Avatar for LucianaN
  • Avatar for Oe98
    Isn't this a remix? T<T Damn you damn you're good.
  • Avatar for ALTRN8
    i hate this bitch
  • Avatar for ledernierviking
  • Avatar for Dramnor88
  • Avatar for eyedesign
    love her work!
  • Avatar for vartem
    super. love it)
  • Avatar for supersmashsteve
    The best La Roux song. End of story!! [3]
  • Avatar for Peth_Lince
    Is it about being a friend with bi or gay? :D
  • Avatar for tomahaq
    toujours aussi rejoissant ,que de l'écouter, I love you Laroux
  • Avatar for pingmeep
    Hate the sound clips but like the rest of the song.
  • Avatar for ALTRN8
    I do not care for La Roux. Skip.


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