• 10 year anniversary compilation: Echte Übersee Records Vol. 5

    1 Jun 2011, 19:14 by UeberseeRecords

    Never change a winning team! That’s excactly why we stuck to the recipe and spiced it up even a bit: more, more, more! We again managed to be another notch above our last compilation for Übersee Records’ 10th anniversary: more bands, more countriesr, more music – same unbeatable price. Here comes the world’s best and most danceable mix of , , , etc. 23 bands from a total of 15 countries! Yep, we’ve done it again...

    Price: incl. 1 EUR donation for Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

    Straight to the point: „Echte Ubersee Records Vol. 5“ is THE best Übersee Records sampler so far! Of course we couldn’t do without PANTEÓN ROCOCÓ from Mexico-City, NO TE VA GUSTAR and ABUELA COCA from Montevideo, Uruguay, and our most international Ska-Punks from Hannover WISECRÄCKER. More international heavy-weights have generously given us unreleased material, such as Germany’s Ska Punk Band No. 1 RANTANPLAN from Hamburg, the Venezuelan inventors of Latin Ska from DESORDEN PÚBLICO…
  • perdiendo mi tiempo (parte 3??)

    1 Nov 2008, 22:21 by MabeLeNMm

    01. Babasónicos
    First song heard: "irresponsables"
    Fell In Love With: "Risa"
    Current Favourite: "Curtis", "Putita", "Pijamas"

    02. Andrés Calamaro
    First song heard: might be "Loco"...
    Fell In Love With: "la parte de adelante", "Paloma"
    Current Favourite: "cartas sin marcar"

    03. Turbopótamos
    First song heard: "Adicto"
    Fell In Love With: "No Love" "Cinema Pasión"
    Current Favourite: "Ultrabeba"

    04. Belle and Sebastian
    First song heard: "Get me away from here"
    Fell In Love With: "Expectations", " We are the sleepyheads", "Legal man"
    Current Favourite: "Funny little frog"

    05. La Mente
    First song heard: "La mente"
    Fell In Love With: "La teletón"
    Current Favourite: "Kamikaze de MTV"

    06. The Beatles
    First song heard: "yellow submarine"