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There are at least 4 bands called La Luna:

(1) Indonesian easy listening retro-pop
(2) Dutch folk jazz world pop
(3) Belgian "beauty". Did this person ever release music one wonders?
(4) Canadian old school screamo hardcore band (click Read Full Bio for info)

1. La Luna is Indonesian Band, also shares a similar fascination with easy-listening retro pop. The sound is a bit jazzier and the band often takes their cute love songs to a sadder place, exploring themes of long-distance longing and bittersweet breakups. The band started out with a male vocalist singing in English when it formed in 1999 but shortly thereafter the members felt their sound and style needed a feminine touch. Enter lead singer Manik, who helped transform the band and take their sound to a wider audience. Better distribution on a major label was the next step for this band making music under "the moon," as their name suggests, and in the studios of some of the best producers in Jakarta.


2. La Luna is a Dutch band, consisting of five musicians, playing a mix of folk, jazz, pop and world music. Members are Hèlen Botman - vocals, Ton Nieuwenhuizen - bass, Rob Stoop - piano, accordeon, André van der Hoff - sax, flute and David Bongels - percussion.
Mostly they perform at acoustic home concerts during the full moon. Since their start in 2006 La Luna issued four albums: Hologram (March 2007), Blue Rose (March 2008), La Route Lilas (March 2009) and Harmoniepark (October 2010). More info (in Dutch) on their official website:

3. La Luna is a Belgian beauty born 26th July 1980 in Herentals. Her real name is Sofie Lambaerts, but she prefers to be named Luna which is Italian word for moon.

4. Hardcore old school screamo/ skramz band with ferocious female vocals from Calgary/ Canada. Originally called Brain Fever. Who released self-titled 8-track cassette in 2012 that has been remixed, remastered and released on vinyl as La Luna.

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