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  • Avatar for KozMix120
    Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night <3
  • Avatar for krokodyljanusz
    Ta ra rarira ra ra raaaaa
  • Avatar for Geresto
    Be My Lover ♥ Sweet Dreams [2] ♥
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    Still my favorite 90's Eurodance bands ♥
  • Avatar for SophiaRaiCho
    Be My Lover ♥ Sweet Dreams
    RIP Melanie [5] ♥
  • Avatar for loglover7
    RIP Melanie [4] ♥
  • Avatar for discotequedude
    I just saw La Bouche live when I went to "I Love The 90's Dance Concert" on April 13, 2013. Lane still looks and sounds fabulous! The female vocals are performed by Dana Rayne who was a solo Pop/Dance artist before joining La Bouche.
  • Avatar for RustlingRagazza there a new single?
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    La Bouche is pure DANCE!!! :-) [2] RIP Melanie [3] ♥
  • Avatar for Sancho_Pande
    In Your Life ♥ You Won't Forget Me ♥
  • Avatar for top20fanatico
    I Love To Love ♥ RIP melanie. [2]
  • Avatar for lucassalgado
    Sweet Dreams
  • Avatar for EricValeev
    In Your Life ♥
  • Avatar for iAmKessa24
    Baby Baby im fallin in fallin in love again
  • Avatar for iAmKessa24
    RIP melanie. x
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    Fallin' in LOVE!!! :-)----------------------<
  • Avatar for GimmeMore13
    Be My Lover ♥
  • Avatar for discotequedude
    One of the most memorable Eurodance groups. Does anyone know if singer/rapper Lane McCray is still active in music at all in terms of recording any solo singles?
  • Avatar for salvador-rudy
    BE MY LOVAAA domdodododododdodom dododo dom dom.
  • Avatar for EricValeev
    Sweet Dreams ♥ [3]
  • Avatar for CryingWitch
    My childhood!
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    90's dance!!! :-)
  • Avatar for Blood-HaZaRd
    You Won't Forget Me <3
  • Avatar for swissbeauty
    90s Dance....+ Real McCoy...flawless
  • Avatar for bruuno_cs1
    Sweet Dreams ♥
  • Avatar for Pelmen64
    so much good memories <3
  • Avatar for skalberg242
    @ubrukelig1: Culture Beat made Mr Vain, not La Bouche.
  • Avatar for alekmystery
    la bouche be my lover it,s over time party foreveeeer 3 times jo lover dance grils and man
  • Avatar for Luddddi
    10 years without...
  • Avatar for clauss22112012
    esta muy bena la pagina
  • Avatar for imaloser7
    B96 back in the day
  • Avatar for Vodopoy
    Охуенно! Ностальгия, нах!
  • Avatar for Helmut21
    Be my lover brings me back memories of my childhood xd
  • Avatar for gerihalliwell
    I love her!
  • Avatar for aineb
    Be My Lover<3
  • Avatar for numberoneoppa
    lol @ all of the songs in "top tracks" that are by other artists (corona, etc).
  • Avatar for davedani
    La Bouche is back 2009 with a new singer and new songs O.O
  • Avatar for Natul4ik
    Great music *--*
  • Avatar for DoededeVries
    Be My Lover dance classic!
  • Avatar for PrimeElement
    Their music takes me back to the 90s [2]
  • Avatar for gabriellejasmin
    R.I.P to the female singer.
  • Avatar for Jurassicprince
    their music takes me back to the 90s.
  • Avatar for Nigdamir
  • Avatar for WestCoastKane
    the 90s.. was good time's good music i miss the 90s i used to listen to La Bouche all the time my Favorite song of all time is > In Your Life < R.i.p. Melanie
  • Avatar for CaiUnderground
    best classic *-----*
  • Avatar for AnnikaFIN
    You won't forget me<3
  • Avatar for babamulon
    On a night like this. I miss the 90s [5]
  • Avatar for sawnasunder
    i wish i was older in the 90s. this is amazing.
  • Avatar for Gerald_GKPM
    I miss the 90s [4]


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