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  1. Vice†risk was a visual kei band from Japan. They were active from 2000 to late 2001 and broke up over disagreements.

    Last Known Line-up


  2. Status: Disbanded
    Formation: December 1997
    Disband: 4th February 2000

    La Fẽerie was an indie visual kei band from Japan, signed to the…

  3. Allure Idea was a visual kei band on the Matina label. Formed in 2000.


    Vocal: 神羽(Kanwa)
    Guitar: 暁 (Aki)
    Guitar: 朱莉 (Shuri/Syuri)
    Bass: 雫…

  4. eze:quL was an indies visual kei band, active from 1999/03/**-2001/05/**.

    Eze:quL was a fairly unknown band during their time.

    The golden year for…

  5. Eliphas Levi was a visual kei indie band from Japan, signed to the Key Party label (mainly produced by H.L.Euro, SPEED-iD leader). Their sound is old…

  6. Kar'Maria were a visual-kei band signed to Eternal, a sub-label of the prominent visual-indies label Matina. They joined the label sometime in March…

  7. Earl Grey was a Visual Kei band signed to the label Eternal, a sub label of Matina.

    Vocals. 雪兎
    Guitar. Zill
    Bass: Ryu
    Drums: Yu~go

    Former members -…

  8. L'yse:nore - リゼノア
    1997 - 2000

    Vo. 水恋(Suiren)
    Gu. hisashi
    Gu. 憂己(Yuki)
    Ba. 未散(Michiru)
    Dr. Tomoki

  9. NéiL (ネイル) 1996 - 2000
    grass thread / Jame / VKDB

    NéiL was one band from the Key Party record label.

    Vo. Daisuke (ZIJABEL→NéiL→Jezebel)

  10. LAYBIAL (1999 - 2000)

    Vocal: 聖月 (Seitsuki) (Distray → LAYBIAL)
    Guitar: 哀 (Ai) (Ver:tige → Lumi/Ere → LAYBIAL → オルゴール)
    Guitar: 涙沙 (Ruiza)…

  11. Members:

    Vocals: SHINA
    Guitar: RYOTA
    Bass: LUCCA
    Drums: JOE-NOSUKE

    NOi'X (pronounced similar to "noir") was an indie visual kei band from Japan…

  12. This is an incorrect artist tag for GARDEN.

  13. Members:
    Vocal - KAMIYU →DoLLs-eyE→
    Guitar - MASASHI →DoLLs-eyE→
    Guitar - 翡翠 →DoLLs-eyE→Cryella→GHOST→as.milk(hisui)
    Bass - YU-u…

  14. Deadly Sanctuary was a visual kei duo, with a lot of punk influences.

    Deadly Sanctuary were formed in 2001 by Yayoi & 優雅 (Yuuga) and disbanded in…

  15. ANGEL+DUST was an indies visual kei band. Formed in 1997.05.09 and disbanded 1999.10.09. From start to late 1998 they released several limited &…

  16. Members:
    Vocal - KAMIYA Lucideローディ→ナディア→MARRY+AN+BLOOD→RIBBON(神崎)
    Guitar - YUI →Tiena-yui→MARRY+AN+BLOOD→イナズマ
    Guitar - SHIKI →MARRY+AN+BLOOD→…

  17. For the band who started activities on 2013/05/31, please use LAGNA.

    Lagna was a japanese visual kei band, active from 1998-2000.

    Even though…

  18. Metis Gretel was a 'kotekote' visual kei ("old school" visual kei) band from Tokyo, Japan. They formed in 2004 and disbanded on March 3rd, 2008.…

  19. Mëbíus was a Japanese visual kei band that formed in July of 2000. They were signed with Matina, and released two demotapes and three CDs…


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