Lačni Franz was a band from Slovenia. The band was formed in Maribor in June 1979. Their name, meaning Hungry Franz, is a pun on Hungry Joe and describes hunger for music. [1].

The band’s music and attitude was a kind of laid back, and they portrayed themselves as a local band from a provinicial town. Predin’s lyrics ranged from disturbing ballads (“Ne mi dihat za ovratnik”, “Lipa zelenela je”), through love songs (“Čakaj me”, “Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice”), to social and political satire (“Praslovan”, “Naša Lidija je pri vojakih”). While their “predecessors” Buldožer utilized sheer madness, Lačni Franz’s lyrics, were intertexered with fine (self-)irony, even when describing dark themes. For example, in “Lipa zelenela je”, talking about the death of a school girlfriend, Predin refers to her with words “…as we weren’t fond of her, she has done the only right thing when she died in mid-May”.

The key band members were frontman and songwriter Zoran Predin and guitarist Oto Rimele, who left lacni Franz in 1987 due to joining Laibach. The band made the most creative success by the end of ‘80-s, with classical albums such as Ikebana, Adijo pamet, Ne mi dihat za ovratnik, or Na svoji strani (the last made with the original crew). Their last studio album was released in 1994. Lačni Franz officially ceased to exist in 1997 after a series of compilation albums.

Zoran Predin continued solo career after the Franz disbanded. Many band’s hits, such as “Praslovan”, “Bog nima telefona”, “Vaterpolist”, “Ne mi dihat za ovratnik”, “Čakaj me” or “Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice”, have remained in his concert repertoire.

The band briefly regathered in winter 2005-2006 and held a series of concerts in Slovenia, Belgrade and Zagreb.


* Zoran Predin, vocal
* Oto Rimele, lead guitar (1979-1985)
* Milan Prislan, lead guitar (1985-)
* Sašo Stojanovič, bass guitar (1979-1983)
* Zoran Stjepanovič, bass guitar
* Mirko Kosi, synthesizer
* Damjan Likavec, drums (1979-1982)
* Andrej Pintarič, drums
* Nino Mureškič, congas (1987-1989)


* Ikebana (1981)
* Adijo pamet (1982)
* Ne mi dihat za ovratnik (1983)
* Slišiš, školjka poje ti! (1983)
* Slon med porcelanom (1984)
* Na svoji strani (1986)
* Sirene tulijo (1987)
* Tiha voda (1989)
* Kaj bi mi brez nas (1989)
* Ilegalni pubertetniki (1991)
* Zadnja večerja (1994)
* Nasvidenje na plaži (1995)
* Petnajstletnica v živo (1995)
* Kaj bi mi brez nas (9 CD–box) (2000)
* V peni sprememb (2001)
* Starši vaših radosti (CD+DVD) (2005)

(All albums were issued by Helidon, except “Petnajsletnica” 1995 live album, which was a self-release).

External links:

* Zoran Predin’s official site
* Fan site
* Complete discography on Discogs
* — Portrait by Petar Janjatović (Croatian)


* Janjatović, Petar (1997). Ilustrovana Yu rock enciklopedija. Geopoetika.

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Formed in
  • 1979
Split in
  • 1997
Founded in
  • Maribor
Band Members
  • Zoran Predin   (1979 - )
  • Oto Rimele   (1979 - 1985)
  • Milan Prislan   (1985 - )
  • Sašo Stojanovič   (1979 - 1983)
  • Zoran Stjepanovič   (1979 - )
  • Mirko Kosi   (1979 - )
  • Damjan Likavec   (1979 - 1982)
  • Andrej Pintarič   (1982 - )
  • Nino Mureškič   (1987 - 1989)

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