• My Top 100 Songs (2015 edition)

    11 Jun 2015, 18:54 by steviesrk

  • Sasquatch!2010 Revisted

    4 Jun 2010, 07:12 by papiercalque

    Sat 29 May – Sasquatch! Music Festival 2010 says that I have 99% compatibility with this festival so good thing I went!

    This is a review but it is also a re-experience. I am going to go thru the festival as I saw it, thru my eyes and the video cameras of the lovely people that have posted their videos on youtube.


    Fell asleep when the sun was coming up and woke up a few hours later. Waited in a long ass line to get into the venue, but at least Portland's own All The Apparatus was playing for the folks who were waiting. They were really good and even covered Nantes which was the perfect song for a beautiful sunny day in the Gorge.

    Brother Ali was the first act we caught. He was fun, played a lot of songs of The Undisputed Truth which is a really great record. DJ Snuggles blew everyone away with his beatboxing skillz.

    We scooted up front for Minus the Bear. The sound was really good, spot on.
  • My Life According To... LCD soundsystem

    14 Apr 2010, 00:22 by porcelaingoo

    Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"....i was bored...

    Pick your Artist:
    LCD Soundsystem

    Are you a male or female:
    Someone Great

    Describe yourself:
    Disco Infiltrator

    How do you feel:

    Describe where you currently live:
    North American Scum

    If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
    New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

    Your favourite form of transportation:

    Your best friend:
    Hippie Priest Bum-out

    You and your best friends are:
    Drunk Girls

    What's the weather like:
    On Repeat

    If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:

    What is life to you:
    Us v Them

    Your relationship:
    track artist=lcd soundsystem]Too Much Love[/track]

    Your fear:
    Losing My Edge

    What is the best advice you have to give:
  • Das beste Liedgut 2007

    24 Oct 2009, 00:57 by CharlieDriggs

  • frustration

    25 Jan 2008, 17:18 by Mindrol

    So i like Singapore in general. I like the feeling of living in perpetual summer, although not having seasons robs you of the feeling of time passing and breeds complacency. I like the fact that i can get away effortlessly to experience different cultures and landscapes during the weekends. I like the fact that everyone here parties like rockstars but still take time to build friendships. But damn, i fucking hate the fact that no decent acts want to perform here. Last year we had Jens Lekman and Jose Gonzalez, and Muse. Jesus, is this the best we can do, people?!?!?!?

    Sadly, the best acts i've seen last year is a toss-up between LCD Soundsystem and Yeah Yeah Yeahs in NY. That was in August and it feels like a lifetime.

    I cannot wait to get away in February with the hope of experiencing that rapture, when nothing matters except the music which ripples through your being like wind through fields of wheat.
    Us v ThemCheated Hearts
  • My 15 most played albums of 2007

    22 Jan 2008, 00:08 by pecusita

    Everyone did top 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 even top 5 albums of the now-oh-so-very-past-year, since I’ve always suffered of the salmon syndrome, I’m doing the top 15 most played albums of 2007 in mid-january! Whoooooppeeee.

    That’s right most played no quality stacking against one another. I’m just too lazy for that and actually comparing quality… well I just don’t need the headache! There were far too many good and great albums last year, by far the best musical year I have ever experienced.

    This stats were calculated on December 26, due to a series of reasons, and not posted until this day because I’m a proclaimed procrastinator… well, that and I actually had some stuff that were more important. Shocker! I know.

    The categories are most played track, and runner-up; least played and most skipped, thanks to that amazing yet overlooked iTunes counting stat; and best video from that album just because I like to embed stuff from YouTube. Some results were surprising to say the least.
  • 2007 Top 10 Albums of the Year

    10 Jan 2008, 19:12 by Aupps

    10. Yours Truly, Angry Mob
    This Album was great and it was made even better when I saw them play at ACL Fest. I got so close to these guys, My friend scored me a media pass, so I got some great pictures.

    9. The Stage Names
    This album may have scored higher, but I got it in November so I didn't get much time to listen to it at great lenghts.

    8. Someone to Drive You Home
    These songs just stay in your head all day long.

    7. Icky Thump
    Great White Stripes album in years, loved the social commentary that it had.

    6. 23
    Didn’t really appreciate this album or group much, until I saw them at ACL fest. The lead singer is just so sexy when she’s at the mic. Great chill music but it’s also thought provoking and moving.

    5. Sound Of Silver
    I saw them play Us v Them and North American Scum live, and that’s when I knew this album was amazing.

    4. Widow City
    I didn't have a whole lot of hope for this album but boy was I wrong. It's weird and repetitive but it's just so damn interesting.
  • New additions to my vinyl-collection

    2 Jan 2008, 13:10 by Kaoru_is_here

    Even though I probably better shouldn't have done it, I invested some of my Christmas-money in a couple of LPs instead of putting it aside for moving to another flat and everything that is potentially connected to it. But what the heck, everybody needs some impractical luxury every once in a while in his life, n'est-ce pas?

    Anyway, I added the following things to my record-collection:

    Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth

    I was quite surprised even finding that one at all, since I never stumbled over his albums in a second hand-shop before. And it only was 4€! Whee! Well, I may not like it as much as his debut The Golden Age Of Wireless, but it's still a very good record with excellent pop songs and a warm atmosphere. Anyone who thinks that synthpop equals cold and flat sounding music should check this out. He (or she) might be proved wrong here.

    The Tubes - The Tubes & What Do You Want From Live

    I had even some more luck and some Tubes-albums which weren't The Completion Backward Principle. …
  • DGA Awards 2007!

    21 Nov 2007, 01:56 by pecusita

    Yupe, it's almost here... award season. Since I'm impatient by nature, I'm gonna hand out my own awards right now!

    I loved your debut EP, can't wait for your debut LP! award:
    Tacks, the Boy Disaster - Oh, Beatrice
    (By the way, I heard that release will be soon - spring of 08 soon)

    Your debut it's not bad. Get back to me when you make your songs sound less like each other and a lot less like The Walkmen award:
    White Rabbits - Fort Nightly
    (Funny, they are openning for The Walkmen in a mini tour of theirs)

    Every time I hear your songs I wanna start moving around! award (dance edition):
    !!! - Myth Takes

    Every time I hear your songs I wanna start moving around! award (rock edition):
    Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

    Why on earth I had never heard about you guys until now?! award:
    Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity

    Your album cover could have used a better art director award: (triple tie!)
    St. Vincent - Marry Me
  • Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem - Part 1

    1 Oct 2007, 15:37 by Post-Rocker

    Fri 28 Sep – Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem

    You gotta love it when a show starts on time. LCD Soundsystem, sans James Murphy, took the stage at precisely 8 o'clock. After setting up a nice vibe with a couple minutes of instrumental Us v Them, getting the crowd easily involved in their groove, Murphy took the stage to thunderous applause. The rest of the LCD lineup consisted of: a guitarist who looked amazingly similar to Owen Clarke Al Doyle* of Hot Chip; next there was a diminutive firecracker who was quite skilled at tweaking her surplus of knobs and keys; to her left the bassist looked amazingly similar to oliverpattison**; and then the drummer, who Murphy introduced by the monosyllabic name of Pat. The man who needs no introduction, a little overweight, scruffy, t-shirt clad, not pretentious at all, lived up to his persona. He was full of energy and humor, even pointing at his own belly while singing "But me, (look it’s a tidy tummy)" during Time to Get Away.