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Similar Artists

  1. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  2. name: Yuuko Hoshina
    circle: Chibicco Folk
    www: http://happyvoice.gozaru.jp/

  3. Two artists are known in Japan.

    name: yuiko
    Birthday: May 18
    She belongs to doujin circle “Primary”.
    “ゆいこ” is used until 2008, and “yuiko” has…

  4. ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is a doujin group formed since 2002. Most of their releases are sold during the Comiket. The group is lead by 中恵光城 (Mitsuki…

  5. Pixelbee is a music studio that produces PC game music, BGM, anime music and doujin music.


    Vocals: Monet (モネ)
    Lyrics: くど


  6. Re:sonare is a doujin group formed in 2009. Their first single is released 2009.12.30 at the Comiket . The group is lead by 中恵光城 (Mitsuki Nakae).…

  7. Barbarian On The Groove is a Japanese doujin circle. Their releases are usually featured some of the well known vocalists of the doujin circles…

  8. Alieson is a doujin music circle formed in 2007. The group is lead by SYU for the arrangements and 久遠ゆん as the lyricist and art director. Each…

  9. Sano Shiina. She is an utaite and lyricist.

    Website: http://ameblo.jp/hoshinokokoro

  10. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  11. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  12. name : Miyu Inoue
    www: http://www.geocities.co.jp/HeartLand-Apricot/2464/

  13. Name: Takanashi Mako

    Circle: Utanoha


  14. name: Meiko Nakamura a.k.a. MAYBE and STELA
    circle: LC:AZE, Gift
    www: http://seirei.ath.cx/~maybe, http://adtype.main.jp

  15. Sound Online is a doujin circle consisting of the record producer Tsukasa only.

  16. 1. name: Momori
    circle: encounter+, Rill Practica
    www: http://encounter-p.net/

    2 . name: MOMONASHI
    www: http://www.momonashi.com/

  17. Jin Furuya (古谷 仁, Furuya Megumi) (maiden name: Sanya (山野, Sanya), better known by her stage name MEGUMI (めぐみ, Megumi) (September 25, 1981 - ) is…

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  19. We don't have a wiki here yet...


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