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  • Avatar for moonbaby9307
    Yume wo egaku yo [3]
  • Avatar for dahianna2
    Yume wo egaku yo [2]
  • Avatar for YukiTakada
    I sang the last live before demolition of the National Stadium of Japan. I was impressed.
  • Avatar for Karaouq16
    <3 aw hyde, l arc en ciel are so sweet
  • Avatar for HARIS2207
    Yume wo egaku yo
  • Avatar for Marcos_Arantes
    Nice intro
  • Avatar for CoraDesu
    I listen this song since a long time ago <3 One of my dream is to see L'arc en ciel! Come in France more time XD
  • Avatar for dbe7
    Not only is this their best song, it's difficult to sing live and they kill it every time. Very strong vocals.
  • Avatar for xlovexhatesxmex
    great song :)
  • Avatar for Xelestial
    STILL makes me think of the sky and rainbows and whatnot. Also sounds a lot like it'd be an intro to an anime.
  • Avatar for hishide
  • Avatar for Finarayearth
    Dare mo minna YUME WO EGAKU YOOO~ can't stop flashback-ing their Jakarta's concert x')
  • Avatar for dtrzkyp
  • Avatar for RtotheCore
    Perfect song. They also let us sing the "yume wo egaku yo" in Paris - happiest & most beautiful moment of my LIFE. ♥
  • Avatar for noldorin_sith
    Love this song to pieces!
  • Avatar for TarantulaEyes
    Listening to this song for the first time since their performance in New York... it's so emotional. I almost cried when singing 夢を描くよ at MSG, and now I feel similar emotions coming back. ´;ω;`
  • Avatar for Xelestial
    This song reminds me of rainbows and clouds and wind...
  • Avatar for ka_ga_min_
  • Avatar for Arashio
    v lucky youuu~ ; w ;
  • Avatar for BeantheRobot
    I finally got to sing 「夢を描くよ」along with L'Arc and 40,000 other fans last night in Osaka... One of the best moments in my life ♥
  • Avatar for Arashio
    MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM should be the world's anthem :D [2] Totally ♥
  • Avatar for uscthom78
    my favorite L'Arc song
  • Avatar for Vampira666_
    Our hearts draw a dream! ♥ Beautiful song with an amazing opening.
  • Avatar for cookieday08
    I love this band so much!
  • Avatar for Cathless
    Beautiful <3
  • Avatar for Darkluver160
  • Avatar for tsengh
    Agora sim!! Com o video esta bem melhor. ^_^
  • Avatar for raidenmon
    Favorite Music.
  • Avatar for lychnood
    Everytime, EVERYfreakin'TIME I listen to this song, I get shivers down my spine imagining a video for it, geez, what a great song.
  • Avatar for Medolie
    masterpiece ♥
  • Avatar for Genkiness
    Thsi song makes me so happy! ♥♥♥
  • Avatar for leciel666
    best song!!
  • Avatar for Xx-Ness-xX
    Love this song~! <3
  • Avatar for kari1991
    One of the--if not the--best song of theirs!
  • Avatar for lena_kaulitz
    who doesn't love the intro for this song on their lives... ken's godly ♥
  • Avatar for bleachgeek4973
    v Totally agree
  • Avatar for PedroAsak
    MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM should be the world's anthem :D
  • Avatar for ownsarai
    Oh yea. L'Arc~en~Ciel come back to America so I can actually get a chance to see you guys! :D
  • Avatar for ownsarai
    GuiseBlack - Music is a universal language in itself. You don't really NEED to know the language they are speaking to feel something. Sure, it helps if you know what they are talking about, but the music itself can speak volumes. This is why I listen to so much Japanese music. It has something beautiful that a lot of Western music lacks these days.
  • Avatar for MysticWind09
    I love them so much <3
  • Avatar for Bethrazuul
    Really striking music.
  • Avatar for GuiseBlack
    I really need to hurry up and further my understanding of Japanese. Tone-wise he sounds great, instrumentals is ace but interpretation on my end is a 1.5 of 10. Does anyone who is bilingual find it amusing that people listen to music that they can't comprehend a word of?
  • Avatar for bleachgeek4973
    L'Arc~en~Ciel foreva
  • Avatar for aqua_crysta1
    The best song off KISS!! Brilliant lyrics as well!!
  • Avatar for AcidVampyre
    Best Laruku song <3 So beautiful [2]
  • Avatar for Angelpick
    so beautiful *o*
  • Avatar for DoihaChan
    Awww *-* Love the song : D
  • Avatar for MeliPeach-chan
    I love the lyrics!!!~
  • Avatar for AliceCryogen
    It makes my soul shine britly....
  • Avatar for -Haru
    yume wo egaku yo~~ ;¬;


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