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  1. http://a113.main.jp/

    Vocal: 未来 (miku)
    Bass: 浮絺 (uchi)
    Drums: 咲汰 (shouta) (紅蝉 (benizemi) support)

    2012 - present

  2. Lastier (original: ラスティア) is a japanese rock band formed in 1996 and disbanded somewhen in the year 2000 with a total of 4 albums: IN REASON…

  3. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  4. BUCK-TICK (バクチク) is a Japanese rock band, formed by Imai Hisashi in 1985 in Gunma, Japan. They are commonly credited as one of the founders of…

  5. BAISER was a visual-kei band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in May 1991. Very influential, the band played an important role in the 90s visual-kei scene. …

  6. More is a Visual Kei band that was first announced in December 2014. They held their first formal live "the Banquet of Dunamis" on June 25th, 2015…

  7. Allure Idea was a visual kei band on the Matina label. Formed in 2000.


    Vocal: 神羽(Kanwa)
    Guitar: 暁 (Aki)
    Guitar: 朱莉 (Shuri/Syuri)
    Bass: 雫…

  8. Formed in Tokyo, Japan in 1998, Aliene Maφriage was a visual kei band playing alternative metal and belonged to the indie label Key Party. The band's…

  9. 90's visual-kei melodic rock band.

    Cellaid are:
    Vocal: Köh
    Guitar: Sumito
    Bass: Ken
    Drums: Maya

  10. La’Mule came out of what seems to be nowhere and took the indies world by storm. Their look may have started off like that of your typical…

  11. Art Cube formed in 2007 and were signed to Sequence Records label. Z, Y, N, and M are all former members of Brain Hacker, although Z is probably…

  12. Members
    Vocal: 未知 (Michi) (later in Bron:ze)
    Guitar: SHIN († 2010)
    Guitar: 渋谷
    Bass: MUTSUMI
    Drums: 京 (Kyo)




  13. Members:
    Vocal - KAMIYA Lucideローディ→ナディア→MARRY+AN+BLOOD→RIBBON(神崎)
    Guitar - YUI →Tiena-yui→MARRY+AN+BLOOD→イナズマ
    Guitar - SHIKI →MARRY+AN+BLOOD→…

  14. ~Who is SHAZNA?
    SHAZNA is a well-established band consisting of three members.
    Vo. IZAM, Gu. AOI, Ba. NIY

    SHAZNA was formed by IZAM in 1992 when he…

  15. Vocal … ryo-リョウ-
    → MiLLa→メディーナ
    Guitar … 景斗-ケイト-
    → MiLLa(K) → メディーナ(景斗-ケイト-)
    Guitar … 玲-レイ-
    → イザナギ(タイシ) → ArcDeaR(サポート/泰士) → MiLLa(taishi) →…

  16. Vo. dai → NA-ZE?→QUIZ
    Gu. hikari → BILLY&THE SLUTS→NA-ZE?→acma、RaFF-CuSS(石谷ひかり)
    Ba. shinji → NA-ZE?→acma
    Dr. karsuke → DIE-KUSSE→BILLY&THE…

  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. ClearVeil was a visual kei band that formed in 2007, featuring members from many rather well-known visual kei groups. Their sound was quite…

  19. DOAK

    Vo. yuuki (ex.COЯE THE CHILD → UnsraW)
    Gu. satoshi (ex.fizz → retort → Para:noir → D.I.D.)
    Ba. IORI (ex.ORGE → Créateur(support))
    Dr. kazuharu…


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