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Kylie Minogue

Put Yourself in My Place (4:54)


  • stupid video? it's amazing!
  • My favourite ever ballad :-)
  • hehehe... yes, the video was so kitch, but was not bad... si, el video era un poco friki, pero no era malo!! :-)
  • Stupid, stupid video, but what a great song!!!
  • this version is slightly different at the end from the Ultimate Kylie edit which for some reason i find very pleasurable
  • (L) Kylies best!
  • She's a really good singer
  • And another thing, she is far more talented than her sister.
  • I'm not a Kylie fan but have to admit this is a good song.
  • I <3 this song!!
  • gay bunch bugger off kylie normal not like you lot
  • one of her best songs
  • Beyond words. Just beautiful. Made me into the Kylie fan I am today.
  • Beautiful!!! Love this song!!!
  • this is awesome... Oh yeah baby...someday,somehow you're gonna put yourself in my place...
  • so beautiful, I love It!!! :-)
  • so beautiful<3
  • I love It!!!
  • This cuts like a knife. Exquisite and understated.
  • awesome <3
  • <3333
  • gets better each time i hear it
  • better in acoustic!
  • Kylie's finest moment.
  • just like kenny ;)
  • beautiful <3 every time i hear it i wanna be in bed and cuddle & hug with my boyfriend <3
  • <3
  • The best Kylie song. Absolutely beautiful!
  • this song has grown on me!


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