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Kyle Landry was born the youngest of two children on March 8th, 1990 in Massachusetts, USA. He first started taking piano lessons in July 1998, at 8 years-old. Kyle immediately developed a passion for the instrument and soon discovered he had a natural ability for performing. At the age of 12, he began to learn and explore music on his own. It was this adventurous quality that sparked an interest in composing his own pieces. His first full composition remains untitled, and is identified as "Old School", representing the less-developed style of his older compositions.

Eager to share his abilites and musings with friends Kyle made recordings of himself playing the piano, and decided to post videos of his performances online. However, YouTube was not the first video-hosting website Kyle looked to to host his videos. The first piece he uploaded online was a very crude Final Fantasy Medly under the username kylepiano to an obscure and unsuccessful website. Kyle found the more popular YouTube.com and the video was deleted shortly after its debut.

Kyle officially became a part of the video-hosting internet phenomenon known as YouTube on March 31st, 2006 under the screenname kyle556. Despite any popular beliefs, the numerals following his name do not hold any significant value.

YouTube, undoubtedly, brought him the most fans and was the beginning of his online success as a pianist. Although most of his videos feature music from anime and video games (specifically from Final Fantasy Piano Collections), Kyle is currently studying classical piano under private instruction. Of all the classical pianist composers his favorite is Frederic Chopin.

Since then Kyle has made upwards of 100 videos, more than 200 mp3s, has gained the respect and admiration of thousands of viewers, and currently has more than 7000 subscribers!

He is the only non-established musician under the age of 19 who consistently remains one of the top 25 most subscribed musicians of all time on YouTube.

Despite 8 years of private piano instruction, and a natural talent for performing, improvising and arranging, Kyle has never entered a piano competition or performed for financial gain.

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