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  • Avatar for InvisibleDeath
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    Very good Black Metal we've got here
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  • Avatar for doxin_
    For Kunsten... remains a monument, just flawless [2]
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  • Avatar for mikkasscar
    For Kunsten... remains a monument, just flawless
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    not a fan of this band but Peaceville is releasing it on vinyl within the next months...
  • Avatar for ingvar1231 - check out our first demo
  • Avatar for Billy-Pilgrim
    Shame they packed it in so early, For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike is outstanding.
  • Avatar for okvltvs
    One of the best norwegian BM bands of all times. Unique riffs and atmosphere.
  • Avatar for badbulon
    ''For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike'' is a fucking masterpiece of nordic musicality and beauty. It just conveys the true and genuine Norwegian feeling.
  • Avatar for greatarse
    what happened? they made the best BM album ever.
  • Avatar for YoViciousAngel
    I found them recently... awesome band ...but I think they need a little more albums ^^
  • Avatar for AcronymBlood_
  • Avatar for Romka1972
    Отлично, витают слухи что к проекту причастны ребята из Urgehal. Альбом очень понравился!
  • Avatar for RottenZombie
    criminally underrated
  • Avatar for toreriku
    an absolute stunner of an album that holds up as well today as it did back then. fans of this might want to invest in the first two GEHENNA, "nemesis divina" by SATYRICON and "aspera hiems symfonia" by ARCTURUS.
  • Avatar for RAJA_RACSHASS
    Шедевральный альбом!
  • Avatar for brutalluis
  • Avatar for Uendelig_Tomhet
    Уже встречаю которое подтверждение того, что блэк-группа с всего одним альбомом может быть весьма и весьма сильной. Интересно...
  • Avatar for ravagingmasses
    one of the best black metal albums ever [4]
  • Avatar for Pseudovolhv
    Один из лучших образчиков своего жанра.
  • Avatar for sinsforgemaster
    Listening now. Not too late.
  • Avatar for MRGOOSECOCK
    Found For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike in a pile of used records at my local record store, I shat bricks!
  • Avatar for CycoWalter
    one of the best black metal albums ever [3]
  • Avatar for Freki_4114
    one of the best black metal albums ever [2]
  • Avatar for doxin_
    For kunsten is a mindblowing album
  • Avatar for Sandronic
  • Avatar for fonoiado
    xploding plastix guys? crazy norwegians.
  • Avatar for yogzor
    Why i haven't heard this before? This is mindblowing. Riffs, vocals and those melodies... I'm out of words
  • Avatar for nefolk
    Whatever happened to them? They seemed to be Norway's pick of the crop in mid-90s.
  • Avatar for InvertedSmile
    Let's vote for the correct title of MM Lekam Er Meg Blott En Byrde --> to Min Lekam Er Meg Blott En Byrde ;).
  • Avatar for JJM1
    I think it's been a little over ten years since I first bought this album and never, not once, has it gotten boring for me. An absolute masterpiece. Try listening to it while driving around on a snowy day or while hiking through a wintry forest. Quite thee experience, I must say.
  • Avatar for ShadowGonzo
    like its written kwist
  • Avatar for KaramAkerfeldt
    How's the band's name pronounced?
  • Avatar for Desmodus_rus
    Отличная группа. Жаль, что исчезли после первого альбома.
  • Avatar for xXSymbiotic
    Picked this album up in Bergen on an impulse buy…best impulse buy in a long time.
  • Avatar for VJesse_91
    One of my favourite BM albums with a very special cover.
  • Avatar for mordorgate
    One of the greatest BM releases ever made. Without any doubt.
  • Avatar for Natality_D
    сподобалось, "Ars Manifestia" - бомба)
  • Avatar for DGYDP
    Quite easily one of the greatest black metal albums ever released
  • Avatar for ShadowGonzo
    For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike !
  • Avatar for NatassjaEternal
    The drums are so tight!!
  • Avatar for FaustFuerFaust
    This is still probably one of the best albums/bands I have ever heard in my entire life.
  • Avatar for Adler666
    so bad they're have only one album, like to hear some more!
  • Avatar for WoodWoman
    Supreme Art!
  • Avatar for towps
    where can one find the reissue? i wouldn't mind hearing another master of this.
  • Avatar for Barbi2rat
    great album!
  • Avatar for jayk47
    that one album sure was special
  • Avatar for Cyfaws666
    Jeg har en tekst :]


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