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  • Avatar for Bee4Cee
    Are they friends of Tokio Hotel? Sorry, but here are better ...
  • Avatar for WontonNinja
    I think it's okay :o
  • Avatar for daisuke91
    I'm caught between like and dislike on this o.o. It's kinda slow and not like the style I listen to at all, but it's catchy!
  • Avatar for viciouskurai
    Why do people say rock and roll kills people/makes them commit suicide. THIS MUSIC, makes me want to kill myself!!
  • Avatar for MapleRiri
    another wrong song *sight* ...
  • Avatar for De4dr4bbit
    Just love it <3
  • Avatar for hauser27
    y cool song
  • Avatar for munekoneko
    nice. i like all music so yea this is pretty good to neh nn
  • Avatar for jcrockettetc
    WTF, how did I get some R&B in my Visual Kei. Send it back to the cook!
  • Avatar for Jenearly
    Ok, who is the actual artist and what is the actual song title of this song? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  • Avatar for Dogre
    Muss der Kommentar bei der Beschreibung der deutschen Gruppe Kurt sein? Es geht auch ohne Beleidigung.
  • Avatar for KeKe_Chu_Love
    the lyrics are damn awesome and and the sound is just breathtaking...counts defenetly to my favourite songs
  • Avatar for Kamisama11
    das ist mal endgeil i love die voice an song
  • Avatar for bleachgeek4973
    The artist used a sample from another group as the beat but I like both
  • Avatar for Miyabi-Sama
    love that song, its so diffrent
  • Avatar for amai_mayaku
    ƒιηαℓℓу α ѕσηg ѕσυη∂ѕ gσσ∂ αℓтнσυgн ιт ιѕη'т тнє яιgнт вαη∂. ℓσℓ
  • Avatar for zombait84
  • Avatar for Otakuvk_Reita
    like it, but not our visual kei KuRT.
  • Avatar for Lowlight26
  • Avatar for futensama
    not bad. but this`s not j-KuRT >___>
  • Avatar for Bogini_Hatake
    jak ja kocham tą piosenke *_*
  • Avatar for kitkit66
    wow...this is really good
  • Avatar for Nath-betty
    j'adore ! <33
  • Avatar for Lenighma
  • Avatar for Chartovka
    Hi! xD jiaX3, I now =)
  • Avatar for kavitaku
    Waa tiene un estilo indie jejjejee
  • Avatar for gameyamichi
  • Avatar for Sarhian
  • Avatar for c4t2007
    I think i heard the instrumental version of this in a soft porn flick in the 90s.
  • Avatar for zigzo_pazoru
    Anyone who wants "Movements" and "Conceled Atraction" can just head on over to my newest journal entry to download them :)
  • Avatar for NOBU_KYO
  • Avatar for michiiiii
  • Avatar for Psychoulquiorra
  • Avatar for anzen-kamisori
  • Avatar for wu7723827
  • Avatar for FallonBrooks
    I really wave the Movements song. Anyone know where I can get it?
  • Avatar for Bawmbi
    Kinda beatyful and relaxing... nice. :) Even though I wanted to listen the OTHER KuRT :P
  • Avatar for Shindaten
  • Avatar for ChaseM666
    wow...this undeniable beautiful
  • Avatar for Ak1zuk1
    wow... this is so melancholy... nice!
  • Avatar for Marcelo99
    this song make me feel so good
  • Avatar for 8m2stereo enjoy.. best, from köln, e.
  • Avatar for jiaX3
    This song is not from KuRt the japanese rock band, but a different band called Kurt from Germany. The band uses other music, mix and edit them to make new music. Movements uses Moments in love by Art of Noise.
  • Avatar for AllisonKasumi
    This song is sooo amazing!!! I love the style of the music.
  • Avatar for Chamachan
    His style sounds kinda like Imogen Heap. :3 I love it~~~
  • Avatar for Sir-Quickly
    in my opinion it sounds like Moments in Love from Art of Noise
  • Avatar for Keiobi
    So he's all by him self? Then who are these guys in the KuRt pic? And how come they list band members I'm all confused now.
  • Avatar for Keiobi
    I love this song I'm trying to get it I looked on Amazon and no luck. If there is a will there is a way I will get a hold of this song and their albums
  • Avatar for kadajs_angel
    Kurt is actually a very HOT JAPANESE guy ...and he is a one man band....
  • Avatar for zigzo_pazoru
    I have both songs for download in my latest journal entry if you're interested :)


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