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Kuolleet Intiaanit, Finnish for (the) Dead Indians (as in native Americans), is a mushroom rock band from Seinäjoki, Finland. Their music has elements of psychedelia and punk, and as for Finnish music, they're often referred to as the 21st century's Sielun Veljet. Guitar rock, in any case, flavoured with surrealist or absurdist lyrics (not exactly meant to be analyzed is the message here) and elements of theater. They were formed in 2000, and as of 2008, are either on a break or defunct. Their label does say they are on a break.

Members of the band are or were Ilmari Tuulenhalkoja (vocals), Emil Topaz (guitar and vocals), Johannes Tyrannos (bass guitar and vocals) and Juhana Amadeus (drums). These are stage names, and the real names of the members have not spread outside Seinäjoki. In live shows, a synthesizer player is added (on the latest tour and album, Mikael Rynigen). They do not give interviews (except for one, which has been read by few and was done, unsurprisingly, by a person from Seinäjoki), play encores or speak to their audiences.

So, why theater, of all words to describe them? Well, their live shows could be treated as such, that is why. In a live show, Kuolleet Intiaanit are usually dressed in black suits and top hats and their faces are painted white, except for the area surrounding the eyes, which is black. Other known costumes are straitjackets and black-white-lined suits.

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