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There is more than one artist with this name:

1. Kuba is the music project of producer Laurence Harvey from Cambridge, United Kingdom. Exploring a range of genres including , , , and many more, blended using 21st century studio techniques.

2. Kuba is a Latvian band from Rīga, Latvia. Since 2001, the band's lineup has consisted of founding members Jānis Žilde (guitars, vocals), Arnis Račinskis (guitars, vocals), Mārtiņš Strautnieks (also known as Martinez Gonzalez) (keyboards), Toms Ostrovskis (bass) and Mareks Ameriks (drums).

The band's debut album 15 Episodes of Kuba was released in 2002 through Microphone Records.

Kuba disbanded in 2006 and were reformed in 2016.

Other groups related to Kuba include Lolitas Brīnumputns, Satellites LV (formerly The Satellites), Raadio, Mofo, and Laika Suns.

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