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  • Avatar for NelsonofJohn
    I just bought a recording of his 7th and am quite pleased. I will definitely be looking into more purchases for the future.
  • Avatar for Kevonetwothree
    This man composes some strange music. I like it!
  • Avatar for demaupin
    he really deserves a better default picture :|
  • Avatar for Skacorezz
    i must say this flat out freeks me out, strirrs up my mind
  • Avatar for KZ
    Violin Concerto No. 2 ! Threnody !!!
  • Avatar for ZzBrr
    pmeuyg jlix fhohn pkkruuck bgowkr
  • Avatar for zanzanzawaveia
    strong beats
  • Avatar for Steve_Kane
    I went to a performance of his Symphony No. 8 last night - beautiful, powerful, awesome.
  • Avatar for magnumforce2006
    So damn brutal.
  • Avatar for Patkiewicz
    [url=ńko]Tomasz Stańko group.[/url]
  • Avatar for moreaupat
    Thanks to Kubrick, the one who brought Penderecki to me...I'm listening to Matrix 5, insane music, I love it
  • Avatar for Futin
    @darthlaw On the other hand, he doesn't seem to care too much about it either so I guess it's fine...
  • Avatar for Aeroaviones
    Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima stressed me to no end... in a very good way. Now that is pure genius at work.
  • Avatar for loudQUIETloud_
    Which would, of course, be a daily parade.
  • Avatar for QueenOfBurgundy
    Horrendously underrated, especially in Poland! It's truly shameful that one of our prime composers is maltreated.
  • Avatar for Ispodsugamana
    1.8. concert in Dubrovnik,Croatia on Summer Games!!
  • Avatar for gonzali
    Such a genius. I had the pleasure to see him direct one of his symphonies... Just brilliant...


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