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A true rags-to-…not quite riches story, homelessness, crazy road stories, ragtag touring…self-sacrifice for music. Read further 4 some background; in the meantime, consider checking out full catalogue at:

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  • Avatar for GnomezMD
    Какая хорошая музыка, ну прямо рижский бальзам на душу.
  • Avatar for SnotNosedPunk
    I am in love with your stuff, guys.
  • Avatar for arabhorsebannd
    dunno about the 'similar artists' but nice variety here. Biggest discovery of noise rock on Last :) A little biased, but I like horses.
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    and Benyamin Netanyahu ain't nothin but a redneck yahoo, a wet Ramen noodle in the stomach of the corpse of that Sharon fool, a tool in the box sprayin bullets for throwin rocks got American media in their pockets so we don't see people livin in fear behind locks from new Gestapo cops and checkpoints on every road that was built on the ruins of a family's home torn down by a bulldozer so flush the shite down the commode and open up your eyes stop believin the lies or we'll have President Goldsteen for the next election the truth is out there for your own dissection I don't mean to bang on about the same topics but the worlds blowin up and nobody seems to care to stop it, stop lookin for the ghost of bin Laden and start makin posts and bumpin the Kroakers hard in your car for the people nearby to hear and get steered in the right direction our messages will wake em up and affect em, you might not care now, but soon when you're next, I wouldn't expect help from whoever's left....
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    we'll be the last left standing when it's said and done, the sound and fury of emotional purity will leave em stunned, beyond belief cuz only when you been to hell can you come back, rebound but this time be on the offensive, with a road map plotted with o's and x's, casting spells and putting hexes, causing vexation, chaos, and much frustration, but the shitstorm that follows will be of their own creation, and on a more personal level, I know what it's like to look into innocent eyes that plead and ask why, and I'd be a liar if I said I probly made tears cry and let the levee break, cuz I let my own fly and I admit to my own mistakes, I try to learn from that and take a little break, mull over my own procrastination that kept us from the ultimate of destinations...but it would be a shame if we never tried again--the forces that separate us have only been strong enough to send us on 'indefinite hiatus', but since when do we let them break us? We know why they hate us.
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    yeah, always under attack, some restless sleep and troubled dreams that could become reality, but if you act right, the mares at night will call for their stallions, gather up the herd and when day breaks you'll have a mental battallion at your command, fending off many imminent threats, but we can do it all without breaking a sweat, no crisis of confidence, if they got u trapped then just hop the fence, and like Dre said sit back, relax, do your job and jet, you might feel a little lag, but be ready for what sunrise brings, when you have to have dealings with lesser-evolved beings, always out for themselves, no doubt they'll make your life hell, if you let em, but soon enough the circle comes back around and in the end you'll get em, that loss of sensation leaves you feeling numb, remember that just like you they're pretending but unlike you they're actually dumb so their every move is transparent and telegraphed, today they laugh but tomorrow they'll be beggin for your autograph
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    my response:
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    (quote from ATTN) Lost sensation pretending to fuse my head to my heart and use my hands, i want to whisper undercovers how they made me crack, whatever turns all those familiar faces black, his voice from time let pass, it makes the sun fall fast waiting for that glorious feeling to lift me past, his fingers were dancing the strings relaxing eyes were shifting, his troubled beats whispered thoughts of speechless words from depths so deep, the hell hounds are always on our backs
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    or in the darkness of night. cuz I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I'm not part of some evil contest, sucked into the intake of the engine of the crucifying fascist complex-- that's nonsense, and it would be comedic if it wasn't so tragic--cuz we possess the mighty power of musical magic...I'm down to throw em off the scent by fakin our own death, toss some flowers in the grave and start it up again cuz I'm brave enough to watch the past that's really buried in the coffin they're lowering into the grave-we'll leave a legacy to outlive both you and me and generations ahead will still be diggin the artistry rediscovering the funk as they step into the time machine cuz yes indeed I've got a chorus to this verse which I'll repeat as necessary till it's really time to roll out in my hearse...
  • Avatar for arabhorse
    so never stop takin chances, takin unpopular stances, holdin minds up for ransom with all of our addictive anthems that leave em stuck in trance mode, know you got the power to just stomp that poison snake, if you're a charmer then you determine your own fate-it's never too late to spit a spate of words that emanate to your tongue right from your cranium with the power of uranium, centrifuges make explosive change- put this fuct up world on notice rearrange the future not just for anyone but for your own damn sake, cuz you never know the time you got to say what you need to say so don't try to tempt your fate-it might as well be today instead of waitin for tomorrow to be dictated cuz the pattern's easy to follow and a bitter pill to swallow, that's why I take my own and speak at length, I got O-say-can-u-C's in every strength 20s, 40s 80s, all that's in between and more, don't need to be a cowboy cuz I just open my own store,u can come and meet me by the dawn's early light

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