• Some recently (and some not so recently) discovered female voices

    9 May 2006, 08:55 by mnoo

    If you don't like female singers just walk away now. :P The point of this journal is to share a few thoughts on female artists that I have discovered fairly recently and hopefully introduce a few unknowns to those of you who are obsessed over female voices and are on the lookout for fresh music to listen to.

    Charlotte Martin
    I've fallen completely in love with her music and voice. Her new album, Veins, is powerful, beautiful and refreshingly creative. It seems to combine Tori Amos's ethereal qualities (there is also a piano involved) and Imogen Heap's confident innovatism. What more could you ask for. A beautiful voice to boot. I hope this girl will go far.
    Try it out: Veins

    Kristin Hoffmann
    I've been addicted to Mary for quite some time now. It's definitely the highlight of her album Divided Heart. At best her music is heartbreakingly melodic and her voice pure and mesmerising.
    Try it out: Mary (available to download from her website)

    Bonnie McKee
  • New Note-Worthy Discoveries

    1 Mar 2006, 06:46 by SparkleKitti

    Aleady, this year has been a great year for music. Discovering a bunch of "real" artists, as opposed to my happy world of poppy music, like Lindsay Lohan or Ashlee Simpson. I mean, I'm not going to deny I'm listening to them. But I've found some new things too.

    First of all, current obsession: KT Tunstall. I heard her song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree and HAD to buy it. Then listened to her other samples. Only bought a few, but love what I hear. May have to get the rest.

    Next isJason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman. I put them together because A) they're dating and B) they sound similar. Similar styles, funky acoustic sounds and interesting rhythms. And both good voices. Yippee. I like them! Every time I hear more songs, I like more of it.

    Thanks to last.fm, I heard about Kristin Hoffmann. Downloaded her free songs off her website, and so far I like them. I mean... I'm not obsessed, considering I listened to her today, but it ain't bad at all.