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  • mubwub

    I wouldn't be surprised if she and Kurt did have something going on. They were two highly creative and intelligent souls and of course Courtney was jealous of them hitting it off. RIP Aunt Kristen, I miss you and wonder every day what it might be like to have met you.

    October 2014
  • ValentinE_28

    She was very beautiful u_u

    May 2013
  • roterkobold

    January 2013
  • gresagresa

    She was dating Kurt? "I'm pretty sure" let's not even go on about the fact that you have no proof, evidence, or anything to confirm that, just the fact that weren't fucking alive to even have an opinion on that matter.

    September 2012
  • foreverjoyless-

    ''I reckon Courtney killed her because she was jealous of Kurts friendship with her'' --- GOD DAMMIT !! what's with fucking people these days ?! ''Courtney killed Kurt, Courtney killed Kristen''... like ... Who do you think you are to say things like that? Why is it always Courtney everybody is blaming shit on ? She ain't perfect , but hell .... get a life already , look at yourself first .

    August 2012
  • sevilla39

    any heroin user that ben clean would know their tolerence is lower. there just lot circmstances for kristen death to not be on overdose. I used be a heroin addict, any whose ben an addict knows good well about their tolerence .kristen was smart true she did leave hole and that courtney and had differnces she had stuff paked up ready go an addict relapses doesnt plan on leavin town Her band mate that out in car , should opend door wen herd her snoring in bathroom even i wouldnt use in bathroom or be bathtub

    April 2012
  • music2artlover

    I reckon Courtney killed her because she was jealous of Kurts friendship with her

    April 2012
  • music2artlover


    April 2012
  • TinmanHavoc

    RIP x

    November 2011
  • rodrigomonsalv3

    loveeeeeeeee them :)

    August 2010
  • dianajorge2

    She was dating Kurt, im pretty sure...

    July 2010
  • SonjaBlade608

    She was also in former band Janitor Joe (formed in MN). An amazing talent.

    March 2010
  • footsteps

    She's a real beauty, not that you can say that about a lot of people..

    December 2009
  • joeyhandsome

    No that isn't weird. When someone has been clean for several months your body loses tolerance to the drug. So when you take the same amount of dope that you took when addicted when you're clean you'll od.

    July 2009
  • Russians

    it's weird that she died of a drug overdose after she had been clean for months...

    July 2009
  • SophiesInsanity

    Drugs kill so many good people :( rip

    June 2009
  • ocean1981


    March 2009