• I'm getting soft...

    24 May 2008, 8:30 de voxel777

    I don't think I've actively listened to a hard rock song for months (excluding radio while driving). It's all softies like The Concretes, The Fiery Furnaces, Architecture in Helenski, The Go Team!, Jill Barber

    I think The Go Team! are fantastic - a weird mix of everything much in the vain of other British artists like Dizzie Rascal and The Streets which were hard to peg...

    As for Jill Barber... wow. I normally like some folk, but I'm head over heels about her music.

    Speaking of folky artists, Krista Muir has a new video out:


    She used to be known as Lederhosen Lucil - but she's way too talented to be pegged as a goofy kitsch artist.
  • Fem Bots - March 3, 2007

    4 Mar 2007, 6:17 de Televiper

    Sat 3 Mar – Fem Bots, Lucille

    The Jane Bond Cafe is an almost perfect little place nestled away on a short side street in "Up-Town" Waterloo, Ont. A small place, with the cozy feel of a basement, coloured in orange, and blue with a gallery of art adorning it's walls. The Fem Bots came as a complement to the Jane Bond atmosphere. A rough around the edges duo that mixes lo-fi electronics with soul and sounds of folksy R&B and country with the cookbook of a post-rock band. The first piece was announced as "the most annoying" and a mere attempt to bring the smokers into from the back patio. Naturally, it and the following track were highlights with a very 8-bit Nintendo action game kind of feel. The set moved on to include slow, gritty, post-rock mixed with bits of R&B, beat poetry, folk, and pop. For a two guys working with tools they apparently salvaged from trash heap, there was a lot to be heard.