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  1. Black metal band from France.
    - 1998 - A.M.S.G (demo)
    - 2003 - Praying for the Death of Mankind (split with Krigar)
    - 2004 -…

  2. Enoid is an one man project. The guy plays anti-human black metal and he formed this project in 2005. He comes from Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.…

  3. Black metal band from Switzerland.
    - 2006 - Demo I (demo)
    - 2007 - Asag

    Official site: http://www.asagkult.ch/

  4. French underground Black Metal horde, released the fantastic Darkness Dealer and one split EP. Vexing Verses was released in February 2009. Band…

  5. A german Black Metal band with Nephesus from Lost Life and Malphas from Lunar Aurora.

    Current line-up:
    Nephesus - Vocals
    Malphas - Drums…

  6. Raw Black Metal from France.

    Current line-up:
    Haemoth (Haemoth, Spektr, Demonium)
    Syht (Haemoth, Demonium)

    2008 - Cold and Dead…

  7. KRV was a Black Metal band from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    KRV was formed in the beginning of 2003. by Koldvoid (guitars), Ban Krvnik…

  8. Thornspawn was forged and born of fire in the year 1995 by Swornghoul (Chainsaw) and Blackthorn (Coffins/Whips). Shortly after this Unholy Union…

  9. Vitsaus is a Finnish black metal duo. They perform cold and raw Finnish Black Metal.

    2003 - Halveksuen ja Häpäisten Demo
    2004 -…

  10. Black metal band from France (Paris), founded in 1995. Released one demo 1996, one split with Desolation Triumphalis - "Leading the Plague of Yahweh…

  11. Rebirth of Nefast is the black metal band hailing from Ireland. They have one demo released in 2006 called "Only Death" (Debemur Morti…

  12. Black Metal From Switzerland
    Current line-up
    Pruflas - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
    Malphas - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

    Bellum Omium Contra…

  13. Heresi is a one-man orthodox Black Metal band from Sweden featuring lyrical themes dealing with satanism and hatred for Christianity.


  14. Raw Black Metal from Switzerland,Lyrical themes : Antichristian, Hate, War,Current labe l: Art of Propaganda
    Current Line Up :
    Grim - Guitar,…

  15. Thornium was founded by Thyph (a.k.a Thypheuz) in 1993. Thyph entered the studio the same year to record Thornium´s first and only demo “North…

  16. Annthennath was founded in Rochefort (France) in 2002 by Lyshd Mordrak & N°6 (Iconoclast). Subhuman Terrorism, the first demo, was recorded in…

  17. Black metal band from USA (Texas).
    - 2002 - Funeral Black (demo)
    - 2003 - Terror Division Bloodstrike (demo)
    - 2004 - Hunting Down…

  18. Sacrificia Mortuorum is a black metal band from France, Sainte-Marguerite.

    Dark Hymns Of War (2001 demo)
    Ira Melanox (2002)
    Les Vents…

  19. Black metal band from Grenoble, France.
    - 1997 - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Demo)
    - 1998 - Split Demon
    - 1998 - Vinbär…


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