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  • Avatar for sebadagostino
    Great Album \m/
  • Avatar for WarlordOfBlood
  • Avatar for monkyros
    The album is super.This is heavy metal resurrection!
  • Avatar for Katorevenge
    @QueefKing: You say "Melodic Metal" needs "cheesy vocals"? Well what about Katatonia? They are Melodic Metal and they don't have cheesy vocals, in fact, their vocals are brilliant
  • Avatar for QueefKing
    There is no problem with 'melody' but that is a completely different topic to 'melodic metal'. Melodic metal means major melodies and cheesy vocals. being 'melodic' and having a melody are too vastly different concepts, pretty much all metal and the vast majority of music has a melody.
  • Avatar for QueefKing
    NightSkyMajesty: This album gets hate because it has melodic metal cheese on it, listen to any of the '85-'90 material and it's just pure aggression and speed, the vocals are the only cheesy thing on those albums and that is GOOD cheese.
  • Avatar for forsstromftw
    Regdot sucks awfully bad.
  • Avatar for damnwright
    Damn... I'm currently addicted to this album... never been a big Kreator fan but for some reason this album hits me in all the right places.
  • Avatar for Regdot
    Nu-Kreator sucks awfully bad.
  • Avatar for Metalwilly1
    Best album:D
  • Avatar for livin_crazy
    This album = Epic win................This album is amazing!
  • Avatar for greywindex
    coma of souls rapes this album.
  • Avatar for szputnyik
    because kreator kick ass
  • Avatar for himenow
    Why is this album so awesome?
  • Avatar for RedSteel92
    Lol @ Suicide being spelled wrong. Just like on South Of Heaven by Slayer!
  • Avatar for lorenzog
    probably one of the best thrash albums of all time. easily up there with exodus' bonded by blood, megadeth's rust in peace, overkill's horrorscope, razor's shotgun justice and a few others.
  • Avatar for Munjini
    Because it's written incorrect as Sucide, not Suicide.
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
    Only 1000 thats heard the best song from Kreator?
  • Avatar for FebriMDM
    Glory for Thrash
  • Avatar for TheTrueSeker
    How can it be the best thrash album of the century if it's not really a thrash album? It's more like Soilwork with thrash vocals.
  • Avatar for kriskronos
  • Avatar for dawe707
    fuckin awesome! IMHO one of the best thrash albums...
  • Avatar for egnops
    Brilliant, first thrash album I grew to like as much as I still do
  • Avatar for pszczolekw3
    Great thrash here. Kicks ass from beginning to the end. Voices of the Dead prolly my fav from this album. And why Suicide Terrorist is mistagged :/
  • Avatar for SilverBarron
    Incredibly solid album.
  • Avatar for Jack6717
    Mikorn the point is to reference the influence that melodeath had.
  • Avatar for Trivium1
  • Avatar for Cimejes
    Not a PtK or CoS, but still solid.
  • Avatar for Music_Fan456
    this and violent revolution are both great nearly every track is amazing :)
  • Avatar for Mikorn
    this is like thrash/melodic metal but melodic thrash metal isnt genre cuz thrash isnt melodic thats the point :D but this is killer album best of kreator i just dont get an vibes at pleasure to kill
  • Avatar for overkills
  • Avatar for Jack6717
    Very good album, gets dull after about the 6th song but good shit.
  • Avatar for Jokurr
    lol @ the idiots calling anything melodic metalcore. For me though, being a fan of both gothenburg style melodic death metal and thrash metal, its only natural that I fucking love this album
  • Avatar for munchies1
    no half of it sounds like the haunted and that's not good
  • Avatar for thrashdeth
    i <33 this album soo much
  • Avatar for m0rph0x
    Best album of 2005, hands down. And munchies1, why don't you go back to gaia.
  • Avatar for markinthedark8
  • Avatar for i-can-shred
    Masterpiece. Pure ownage..
  • Avatar for munchies1
    arggg shitty gothernburg tendencies are shitty
  • Avatar for Soroll88
    Simply the best album -and for an old thrash metal band, in 2005, it's very awesome-.
  • Avatar for Kevinn92
    Favorite Kreator Album
  • Avatar for drakonche
    My all-time favorite album. Just magic. I wish there was something similar to this... SPREAD THE ANCIENT PLAGUEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Avatar for INROK
    yeah :--D "metalcore-ish. Just too melodic for me." wut?
  • Avatar for Colony666
    melody = metalcore now? godamn!
  • Avatar for Sire-Nahvas
    metalcore xD it´s not their best but it is really godd an modern from a band still evolving and making still good music...
  • Avatar for -Wesker
    Best from them... Best Album 2k5
  • Avatar for DragonDance
    As great as what it is, it is far from their best.
  • Avatar for idioteque04
    return to form for these guys
  • Avatar for evilinvader
    Enemy of God? Best Kreator's album? I give up.
  • Avatar for Blood_Red87
    Great album. Have the Revisited edition with the bonus DVD


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