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There are several different bands with the name KRATOS. The first one was formed in 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio by brothers Bernie (Guitar, Vocals) and Bob Hanzel (Drums), along with Mike Davila (Bass). Before the first release, bassist Mike Davila was replaced by Paul Gregory. In 1985, this KRATOS (Cleveland, OH) released "Iron Beast" 12''EP on Private Press Records. The sound was very 'traditional' metal with hints of NWOBHM. At this time, the band was playing local gigs, opening for such bands as Celtic Frost and Overkill. By 1986, the band had started playing the more popular 'thrash' metal, and released a 2-song untitled self financed demo tape, and then finally releasing a self-titled EP in 1987 before calling it quits.

The other notable KRATOS hailed from Romania (Bucharest), created by Dan Dron (guitar and vocals), in 1996, KRATOS (the Greek for “power”) got its name from a friend, in the fall of the very same year. Joined by Adi Drenciu (drums), Dan started looking for musicians willing to play in a doom metal band.
In a country where rock music is, if anything, less and less supported by media, the road was rough, but, however, not impossible. Soon, Alex Blaj (keyboards) and Sorin Tudor (bass) joined the band. They started rehearsing in the suburbs of Bucharest. The need for a second guitarist was obvious and the right person seemed to be Florin, who joined the band for almost 6 months.
Due to the help of Hovercraft (Serenity, at the moment), KRATOS managed to shape an original style in the Romanian rock scene. At the beginning of 1997, the results started to show up, proving that it is worth trying to play doom metal, even though the Romanian scene was scarce and weak.
In March 1997, Andrei Magureanu (vocals) became a member. As Florin decided to leave the band, a few months later, Andrei replaced him as the second guitar player of the band ; this lasted until February 1998, when he decided to leave Romania and settle in the United States of America.
After a long search, KRATOS found Maria Tica as the right person to be the lead singer. Now, in a crew of six - Dan Dron, Andrei Magureanu, Sorin Tudor, Adi Drenciu, Alex Blaj and Maria Tica - the band followed its path to success. And success was immediate, for, in November 1997, the band were recording The Essence, their first demo, in the Romanian National Radio Studios. Within 4 days – about 40 hours of recording and mixing- the demo was ready to hit the Romanian metal market.
A long series of Radio and TV interviews folowed the release of The Essence, and the first was the Radio Nova interview, on November 21 st., 1997. Just after the release of the demo, the band had two live performances, thus becoming a public figure among the Romanian rock scene. February 1998 meant another reference moment for the band, since they recorded their first video, in the Romanian National TV station.
Unfortunately, due to the tragic death of Maria’s father and the leaving of Andrei Magureanu, KRATOS were supposed to start looking for members again, and, in April 1998, Beatrice Baiu replaced Andrei as guitar player in the band and, in the summer of 1998, Monica Barta became lead singer.
The long string of summer concerts was about to begin for KRATOS, in the new formula. Having the same number of members, but different ones, Kratos had more than six concerts during the summer, from June to September 1998, and all of them rewarded with awards and prizes.
In the fall of 1998, Beatrice Baiu left the band due to personal problems, being replaced soon after by Marius Zota. Together, they recorded in August 1999 at Bestial Records Timisoara Romania, their first LP., titled Looking Behind the Mirror….
The year 2001 brought a series of important changes in the band’s componence. After Marius Zota left the band, Alex Blaj decided to leave too. So it was about time to look for a new keyboards player and also for a new guitarist and later, even for another drummer, for the same reason.
Just before Tase entered the Band, KRATOS had collaborated with Paul, a very good drummer, who came from Sibiu. Paul's only concert as a KRATOS member took place in Pitesti. After that, he left the country and went to live in Holland.
And so, in 2002, KRATOS was quite a “new” band, judging by the replacements that had been made. Rehearsals and concerts went on, but in a different crew, for Dan Dragulinescu was the second guitar player and Tase the new drummer.
In the fall of 2002, Andreea, ex-highschool colleague of Dan Dragulinescu, joined the band, filling in the “vacant” position of keyboards player and , in the same year, Dan quitted the band, after only a short period of time.
So, now, in 2005, looking back at all the changes and replacements, it seems like there is a new start for KRATOS.
Since 2002, the band came back into force, proving, with a successful string of concerts, that it has been, and still is, a “force” (Kratos) in the Romanian Gothic / Dark Metal scene. Of course, nobody knows what the future will bring, but it is worth trying to play what you like, regardless to the commercial music environment.
And, in spite of all the hardships that rock music is facing in Romania, KRATOS is the living proof that Gothic metal has not only a past, but also a future…
Stronger than ever, Kratos have been continuously building their reputation, by lots of concerts, both at important Romanian rock festivals and also in well known clubs, such as Club A, for instance.
Kratos has finally become a strong presence and a genuine “power” (KRATOS ) in the Romanian Gothic Metal area, the place of birth and the place where they have been undeniable leaders, since the band was born.

The most recent KRATOS was formed in Lapeer, MI. near Flint, MI. This thrash, hardcore, deathmetal combo was formed in the summer of 2006 playing at small hardcore underground venues. Soon after they formed they recorded "Hit It Harder" and went through a bassist change, Tim Dawson for Joel Case. The original vocalist, Danny Rowan, quit for plans to move, and they went through some vocalist changes also. Soon after the band crumbled. They shared the stage at festivals with bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Animosity, The Faceless, As Blood Runs Black, Beneath the Massacre and also with they're local friends Bringing Down Broadway. Original band members as follows, Adam Laidlaw(guitar), Josh Wells(guitar), Jason Thompson(Drums), Danny Rowan(vocals) and Tim Dawson(bass).
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